2019 FIM Motocross Seminar For Clerk Of The Course/Sporting Steward In Shanghai, China

Courtesy of Youthstream Media Service Team

Recently, in order to improve the MXGP knowledge about Clerk of Course and Sporting Steward in Shanghai, China, the first official seminar was hosted at the Yue Hua Hotel Shanghai over 2 days. FIM Representative Rodrigo Castro gave valuable lessons to more than 80 trainees who came from throughout China.

The lesson is an important step for the upcoming MXGP event in Shanghai, held by the Fédération Internationale Motocycliste (FIM) along with the Chinese National Federation (CAMF), and organized by H&H Sports Protection. CAMF Deputy Secretary General Gong Hongguo, Shanghai Motorcycle Federation Secretary General Wang Zhenyong, Shanghai Fenxian District General Administration of Sport General Director Gao Ping, H&H Sports Protection Vice President Ni Ming, and CAMF Event Operation Vice President Cui Jianjun all attended the opening ceremony.

The lesson included an overview of the 2019 MXGP Official Rules, guidelines on the structure of the committee, the committee’s duty and power, along with track construction, and any new rule changes.

After the 2-day lesson, all trainees took a test to insure what had been learned during the seminar specifically for the Clerk of Course and Sporting Steward. The successful competition of the training and testing is certificated by the FIM and a short commencement was held afterwards. Gong Hongguo showed appreciation to all participants and gave his best wishes to the bright future of Chinese motorcycling events.

To conclude, Ni Ming represented H&H Sports Protection and showed appreciation to all participants as well before then giving a short introduction to the MXGP of China in Shanghai, inviting everyone to the event, and stating that H&H Sports Protection will hold a fantastic Grand Prix. 

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