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Bike legend Rob Warner is back to reveal the stories behind adventure and action sports stars in a new series of ‘Rob Meets…’ This time he meets downhill mountain bikers Loïc Bruni and Tahnée Seagrave, cycling all-rounder Pauline Ferrand-Prévot, motocross freestyler Tom Pagès and climber Shauna Coxsey.

The fourth series of Rob Warner’s ‘Rob Meets…’ launches today with five new episodes focusing on some of the biggest stars on two wheels and, for the first time, a top athlete from another adventure sport, climbing’s Shauna Coxsey.

Each episode focuses on one of the five incredible athletes, who have each reached the top level in their respective fields.

Rob Meets Loïc Bruni

Loïc Bruni, a French mountain biker, is the “undisputed king of downhill” according to Warner. The son of Jean-Pierre Bruni, one of the sport’s pioneers, he is now a four-time world champion and won the World Cup overall last year. Bruni reveals one of the secrets to his success is having a mental coach. “It’s opened my eyes to many things,” he explains. “Being focused on myself, not what people think…when I get to the race I only think about riding fast.”

Rob Meets Shauna Coxsey

Shauna Coxsey is a “climbing phenomenon”, according to Warner. She was on a wall before she went to school and is now the most successful climber in British history, a two-time bouldering World Cup champion. She admits she “wouldn’t be doing this (climbing)” if it wasn’t for coach Leah Crane, who she has known since she was seven. She is proud of her 11 World Cup wins…but admits: “I haven’t got a clue where a single trophy is.” The five shows, which range from 12 to 22 minutes, will all be available to watch on Red Bull TV from April 24th, 2020, along with all three previous ‘Rob Meets…’ series’ and the recently released ‘Rob Warner’s Wild Rides’ show.

Rob meets Pauline Ferrand-Prévot

Pauline Ferrand-Prévot is the only person to ever to hold road, cyclo-cross and mountain bike world titles simultaneously. She started competing at the age of five and Warner bills her as “arguably the world’s greatest all-round cyclist.” She reveals she “wanted to stop forever” after failing to follow up her triple title win but says partner Julien Absalon, also a multiple bike champion, got her back. “We did a lot of different sports and my motivation returned,” she says.

Rob Meets Tahnée Seagrave

Tahnée Seagrave isa multiple race winner who “leads the new generation of female downhillers” according to Warner. Her intense competition with childhood hero turned rival Rachel Atherton is one of the sport’s biggest stories. She reveals her first victory was “not a win for me” as Atherton was missing. Her second, when she beat everyone, was big one. “I’d shown the world what I was capable of. I learned the only thing I need to focus on is my ride and the clock.”

Tom Pagès

Tom Pagès is described by Warner as a freestyle motocross “revolutionary” and “the most progressive rider in history.” Time and time again Pagès has defied expectations to deliver unimaginable tricks on two wheels. He explains how, after a crash in 2009, he had to dig deep to re-start his career. “I started to feel more fear,” he admits. “I worked with a psychologist and I was back on the bike. That’s how I was able to win. Living the dream again.” 

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