Zeppelinskiing – Watch Austrian freeriders abseiling from a Zeppelin to ride pristine alpine slopes

Courtesy of eye|sprint communication Simone van Slingerland

Foto credit: © Mirja Geh

Freeriders board a Zeppelin to fly from Friedrichshafen, Germany to the Eastern Alps in Austria to abseil, ski and snowboard on pristine alpine slopes.

Innsbruck, Austria 2019-03-08

It all started with an idea. In the middle of February three Tyrolean Freeriders, Stefan Ager, Andreas Gumpenberger and Fabian Lentsch step into the cabin of a giant 75-meters aircraft at the Zeppelin hangar in Friedrichshafen, Germany to take off direction Brandnertal, Vorarlberg, Austria. They arrive above Kleiner Valkastiel (2.233 m), open the hatch and throw a 50-meter rope into the deep. Locked in, they rope down and float in the air to experience an almost surreal, breathtaking unseen scenery.

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