YOUTUBER tries the fastest sport on skates: Red Bull Crashed Ice 2018

Courtesy of Red Bull

We took Stephen out in Finland and told him: “You have to learn how to skate down the icy run of Red Bull Crashed Ice 2018 Finland”. He agreed, and this happened. Ice cross downhill is the fastest sport on skates. Take some of the best and toughest skaters in the world, a sizzling atmosphere, stunning surroundings, and thousands of square metres of frozen water. The result? Red Bull Crashed Ice! Athletes skate down a massive ice track filled with drops, hairpin turns, and gaps at speeds of up to 80 km/h. World Championship points are up for grabs at each of the stops and the competitor who skates through the season with the most points accumulated after the races is crowned World Champion. Who thought Stephen can’t handle this madness?

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