WRV Outerbanks Pro presented by Pacifico is ON

Courtesy of WSL North America

– Round 1 Heat 1 in the Water 
– International Field and Pro Junior Talents on Hand to do Battle
– Tune in live AT Outerbankslive.com

Round 1 Heat 1 of the 2017 WRV Outer Banks Pro presented by Pacifico is ON in sizeable, four-to-six foot conditions. Credit: © WSL / Andrew Nichols

NAGS HEAD, North Carolina/ USA (Wednesday, August 30, 2017) – Opening day of the World Surf League (WSL) WRV Outer Banks Pro Men’s Qualifying Series (QS) 1,000 presented by Pacifico is ON. Tune in live for Round 1 action to kick off the fourth-annual event held at Jeanette’s Pier with four-to-five foot swell storming into through the lineup. North America Tour Manager Brian Robbins and event organizers arrived on site to see the conditions for the first call of the event.

“The contest area was rattled yesterday with varying, strong winds and we were hoping they would calm down enough to organize the lineup a bit — which it has,” Robbins said. “The storm off the coast continues to send us waves and it’s still a bit messy out there, but there’s plenty of good size and shape on the sets. We’ll get Round 1 in the water and make it through the first eight heats to end opening day. It should be great to watch with these conditions on hand and good luck to all of our competitors.”

Round 1 features some hefty match ups to kick things off with an international field among the talented North America juniors here to gain experience at the QS level.

Vans Pro QS3,000 standouts Tomas King (CRI) and Pedro Todaro (BRA) will face off against Michel Flores (BRA) and Jared Jennings (USA) in Round 1 Heat 1.

Round 1 Heat 2 features Current North America Pro Junior No. 1 Ryland Rubens (USA) takes on fellow junior talents Bo Raynor (USA) and Quentin Turko (USA) along with Floridian threat Chauncey Robinson (USA) — who’s in his first year as a full-time QS competitor.

Former WRV Outer Banks Pro runner-up Brian Toth (PRI) is pitted against an in-form Stevie Pittman (USA), North Carolina, native Knox Harrix (USA), and up-and-comer Mason Barnes (USA) in Round 1 Heat 9.

Finishing off the day in Round 1 Heat 8, Vans Pro QS3,000 up-and-comer Tommy Coleman (USA) pitted against ISA Gold Medalist Jhonny Corzo (MEX), alongside East Coast natives Brandon Todd (USA) and Wayne Satterwhite (USA).

Also in the draw, current North America Pro Junior No. 2 Che Allan (BRB), Vans Pro Quarterfinalist Kade Matson (USA), and upcoming QS threats Jake Kelley (USA),  Kevin Schulz (USA), and Noah Beschen (HAW).

Tune in LIVE for all the action throughout the event window at www.worldsurfleague.com.

The WRV Outer Banks Pro QS1,000 will run August 30 through September 3.

For more information, please visit www.WorldSurfLeague.com or download the WSL App to receive updates on your mobile device.

WRV Outer Banks Pro QS1,000 Upcoming Round 1 Match-Ups:
Heat 1: Tomas King (CRI), Pedro Todaro (BRA), Michel Flores (BRA), Jared Jennings (USA)
Heat 2: Chauncey Robinson (USA), Ryland Rubens (USA), Bo Raynor (USA), Quentin Turko (USA)
Heat 3: Che Allan (BRB), Derek Gomes (VEN), Noah Hill (HAW), Brody Lewis (USA)
Heat 4: Gabriel Farias (BRA), Jacob Burke (BRB), Cole Alves (HAW), London Almida (USA)
Heat 5: Dallas Tolson (USA), Ben Coffey (USA), Jonathan Zambrano Chila (ECU), Gabriel Morvil (USA)
Heat 6: Noah Beschen (HAW), Rey Hernandez (MEX), Collin Shinn (USA), Christopher Ropero (USA)
Heat 7: Pedro Neves (BRA), Luke Marks (USA), Caleb Tancred (AUS), Dylan Kowalski (USA)
Heat 8: Tommy Coleman (USA), Jhonny Corzo (MEX), Brandon Todd (USA), Wayne Satterwhite (USA)
Heat 9: Brian Toth (PRI), Stevie Pittman (USA), Knox Harris (USA), Mason Barnes (USA)
Heat 10: Alex Maniatis (GRC), Dane Mackie (BRB), Franks Chenault (USA), Joshua Chester (HAW)
Heat 11: Jake Kelley (USA), Andrew Fletcher (USA), Paul Pugliesi (USA), Johnny Tsunami (USA)
Heat 12: Kevin Schulz (USA), Christopher Kervin (USA), Logan Landry (CAN), Sebastian Mendes (USA)
Heat 13: Bruce Mackie (BRB), Gabe Kling (USA), Gabe Kling (USA), Francisco Belloring (VEN), Sean Morris (USA)
Heat 14: Facundo Arreyes (ARG), Nate Dorman (USA), Aldo Chirinos (CRI), Italo Mesinas (USA)
Heat 15: Chris Michalak (USA), Micha Cantor (USA), Zander Venezia (BRB), Jennings Sessoms (USA)
Heat 16: Kade Matson (USA), Rob Kelly (USA), Rory Reep (USA), Christopher Smolko (USA)

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