World No.3 Fredrik Lindgren counting on Malilla fans to help him pile pressure on the FIM Speedway Grand Prix leaders at Saturday’s Scandinavian SGP

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Swedish star Fredrik Lindgren is counting on a passionate Malilla crowd to give him some “extra energy” as he bids to close on the World Championship frontrunners at the Scandinavian FIM Speedway Grand Prix this Saturday.

Lindgren heads to the G&B Arena placed sixth in the standings on 47 points – 14 adrift of top trio Bartosz Zmarzlik, Emil Sayfutdinov and Leon Madsen, who are deadlocked on 61 in the battle for the lead.

Slovak ace Martin Vaculik is just two behind them in fourth place on 59, with Poland’s Patryk Dudek also chasing hard in fifth with 55 as he lines up on his Swedish Elitserien home track, where he races for Dackarna along with SGP rival Maciej Janowski.

Lindgren picked up five points at the last round in Wroclaw on August 3, and is determined to reel in the leaders with five rounds of SGP 2019 remaining.

He said: “I lost some ground at the last round, so I really need to try and bounce back in Malilla and perform well there.

“I really enjoy racing in front of my home crowd. I get some extra energy from them. I hope it will be the same on Saturday in Malilla.”

Lindgren called Malilla his home track in Sweden for eight seasons from 2006 to 2013. But aside from the backing of his fans, he insists he will have little home advantage on a G&B Arena circuit his rivals also enjoy racing on.

He said: “I don’t think there are any big secrets to this track. All the riders have been there many times before. They race the track regularly in the Swedish league and it’s always a track on the GP calendar. I don’t think I have any advantage with it.”

Lindgren is joined in flying the Swedish flag by wild card and new Swedish champion Jacob Thorssell. The pair used to be SGB Premiership team mates with Wolverhampton and trained together during the off-season.

So Fast Freddie was delighted to see Thorssell top the podium at the Swedish Final on July 27 – a meeting he missed with a concussion. And he hopes this will be the boost that helps establish the Rospiggarna man on the world stage.

He said: “I was very happy for Jacob when he managed to win the Swedish Championship. With that also comes a place as a wild card in the Scandinavian SGP. He rides for Dackarna this year as well, so it’s a great opportunity for him.

“We really need some of the young Swedish guys to start to come through now. Oliver Berntzon has done well this year and had the chance in Hallstavik. It’s Jacob’s turn now and hopefully he will have a good night.

“Both Jacob and Oliver have made steady progress over the last couple of years. Also Pontus Aspgren qualified for the GP Challenge and he is making progress. So we have a few guys in their mid-20s who have potential. I hope some of them can develop.”

Tickets for the Scandinavian SGP are still available online until 18:00 on race day. Buy tickets now at:

Or buy from the G&B Arena ticket office from 16:30 to 20:00 today and 13:00 to 20:00 on Saturday.

SCANDINAVIAN SGP LINE-UP (in FIM ranking order with rider numbers): 108 Tai Woffinden (Great Britain), 95 Bartosz Zmarzlik (Poland), 66 Fredrik Lindgren (Sweden), 71 Maciej Janowski (Poland), 46 Max Fricke (Australia – substitute for 45 Greg Hancock), 222 Artem Laguta (Russia), 69 Jason Doyle (Australia), 89 Emil Sayfutdinov (Russia), 692 Patryk Dudek (Poland), 55 Matej Zagar (Slovenia), 54 Martin Vaculik (Slovakia), 333 Janusz Kolodziej (Poland), 88 Niels-Kristian Iversen (Denmark), 155 Mikkel Michelsen (Denmark – substitute for 85 Antonio Lindback), 30 Leon Madsen (Denmark), 16 Jacob Thorssell (Sweden – wild card), 17 Kim Nilsson (Sweden – first track reserve), 18 Victor Palovaara (Sweden – second track reserve).

WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP STANDINGS: 1 Bartosz Zmarzlik 61, 2 Emil Sayfutdinov 61, 3 Leon Madsen 61, 4 Martin Vaculik 59, 5 Patryk Dudek 55, 6 Fredrik Lindgren 47, 7 Janusz Kolodziej 44, 8 Maciej Janowski 36, 9 Jason Doyle 35, 10 Artem Laguta 34, 11 Niels-Kristian Iversen 34, 12 Max Fricke 31, 13 Matej Zagar 30, 14 Antonio Lindback 30, 15 Robert Lambert 24, 16 Tai Woffinden 21, 17 Bartosz Smektala 10, 18 Oliver Berntzon 7, 19 Vaclav Milik 4, 20 Maksym Drabik 4, 21 Matic Ivacic 2.

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