World Enduro Super Series launch

Courtesy of Red Bull Media Service

Jeffrey Herlings performs prior the Red Bull Knock Out 2016 in Scheveningen, Netherlands on November 18, 2016 –
Photographer Credit:
Rutger Pauw / Red Bull Content Pool

New 2018 series brings together some of the most iconic events on the calendar.

The World Enduro Super Series has been launched for the 2018 season and will bring together some of the most iconic events on the calendar.

It will lead to a first world enduro champion being crowned at the end of the campaign, which begins in Portugal next May.

The WESS will include Hard Enduro, Classic Enduro, Cross-Country and Beach Racing-style events, with riders permitted to ride on their preferred make and style of motorbike.

Such events will keep their same format but with a new, uniformed points-scoring system across the board.

In all, the series will include eight events from the Extreme XL Lagares on May 11-13 to the season finale, Red Bull Knock Out in the Netherlands, on November 10.

WESS managing director Philipp Stossier said: “To us, enduro means many things but, most importantly, it represents inclusion of competitors, diversity of events and terrain and a considered mix of authenticity and modernity – all elements that sit at the heart of WESS.

“We’re not reinventing the wheel, we’re bringing together well-established endure competitions run the way they’ve always been run onto a larger communications platform to ensure endure sports receives the focused, global exposure it deserves.”

Jonny Walker performs at Red Bull 111 Megawatt in Kleszczow, Poland on September 10, 2017 –
Photographer Credit:
Bartek Wolinski/Red Bull Content Pool

World Enduro Super Series schedule for 2018

Rnd 1. Extreme XL Lagares (Portugal) May 11-13
Rnd 2. Erzbergrodeo Red Bull Hare Scramble (Austria) May 31 – June 3
Rnd 3. Trefle Lozerien AMV (France) June 8-10
Rnd 4. Red Bull Romaniacs (Romania) July 24-28
Rnd 5. Red Bull 111 Megawatt (Poland) September (Date TBC)
Rnd 6. TBA
Rnd 7. Gotland Grand National (Sweden) October 26/27
Rnd 8. Red Bull Knock Out (The Netherlands) November 10


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