Windsurfers brave huge Red Bull Storm Chase winds

Courtesy of Simone van Slingerland

Red Bull Storm Chase tackles serious storm conditions in the

North of Ireland.
Massive waves on tap for Tuesday!

Photo by Sebastian Marko / Red Bull Content Pool

Braving wind gusts up to 115km/h and endless battering seas, the world’s best storm windsurfers showed Ireland why the came!

Waking up with a light dusting of snow covering the hills in County Donegal, in the Northwest corner of Ireland, eight of the world’s most adventurous and skilled windsurfers knew today was going to be epic. With wind already shaking the windows of their hastily-booked hotel rooms, there was no question: the storm that had been on the horizon was now here at Magheroarty Beach.

As they assessed the situation on the beach, most sailors opted to rig sails around 3.7 – with some of the bigger guys such as Philip Köster breaking out a 4.2. From the very start, there were face-stinging hailstorms and gusty winds, generally hovering between 30 – 60 knots, approximately 55 – 110 kmh. Wave size easily reached mast-high – not the biggest they could handle, but plenty to work with.  The biggest challenges? The temperature: hovering just over freezing for most of the day – making for some very cold hands and feet!

Riders competed in three rounds of 16-minute heats. Although each heat wasn’t a head-to-head battle, they were limited to two riders for safety and ease of judging. During each heat, riders collected points for each jump and wave ride – at the end of competition, they’ll receive points on a 1 – 10 score for their top five scores from each category. A 5-point bonus will go to the single biggest jump of the entire contest.

Said first-time Red Bull Storm Chase competitor and current contest leader Philip Köster: “It was absolutely epic windsurfing – tricky, challenging and cold – but definitely epic!” Following Philip in the standings are Jaeger Stone, Leon Jamaer, and Thomas Traversa (in that order.) But be warned: with more waves and wind on the way, everyone still has a chance to grab the top spot!

While it was an epic and incredible day of competition, the event is far from over – while winds and waves take a quick break today, Monday, the forecast for ocean action is off the charts for Tuesday, with even more wind and much bigger waves headed their way. Be sure to tune in to Red Bull Storm Chase on Instagram for updates from the beach, Insta Stories, and the occasional live broadcast!

Key Facts:

  • The world’s toughest windsurfing contest – competition has now begun in Magheroarty, Ireland
  • This is not a spectator-friendly event, and no spectator accommodations provided 
  • Riders judged on jumps and wave riding + execution of tricks
  • Even more wind and waves are forecasted for Tuesday, March 12

Competitor List Philip Köster
Jaeger Stone
Leon Jamaer
Thomas Traversa
Dany Bruch
Robby Swift
Ricardo Campello
Adam Lewis

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