What Happened At This Year’s Top Drifting Event In Liverpool, UK? | Red Bull Drift Shifters 2018

Courtesy of Red Bull Motorsports

Red Bull Drift Shifters 2018 will be an event hard to forget. The course, which rewarded drivers for how close they could get to different obstacles, was so tough that some of the cars left behind more than just skid marks on the streets of Liverpool in north-west England. Despite the threat of rain, a massive crowd turned up to watch the world’s best drifters compete for a place on the podium, and spectators were rewarded with some of the world’s best drifting lighting up – or smoking – the city centre. Gaz Whiter walked away as the winner, but not without a tough battle to get there.

The juicy head-to-head battle between the dark horse Gaz Whiter and the chill Hawaiian driver Forrest Wang was a spectacle. It was clear that by this point both drivers had studied key areas to gain points. Wang was first on track, but unfortunately, the form that he’d shown in earlier sessions was missing. He still managed to stomp a corker of a run, earning 2.2m points after only 20 seconds. A few missed opportunities by the halfway point meant that he finished his run with 4.75m points. Despite clutch problems earlier in the day, Whiter was on form. He didn’t waste too much time on the tricky Undertaker truck, instead, he took full advantage of the sensors on the barriers, and with only 30 seconds left on the clock he surpassed Wang and finished with an amazing score of 6.29m points, the first to go over 6m the whole day.

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