Watch DLX Jeremy McNamara’s Exclusive Skate Video Edit | Checkout

Courtesy of Red Bull Media Service Team

Skateboarding just keeps on bringing them through. Jeremy McNamara is the guy behind much of the recent output from the Deluxe stable of brands, ranging from Real’s By Any Means, to profiling skateshops like Chicago’s Uprise for their Out Of Sight project, which celebrates skating’s unsung heroes.

Part of being a professional filmer in this day and age is being able to juggle projects alongside being ready to rough it for the sake of a clip at short notice. It’s a life of not much glamour but certain rewards.

Jeremy’s story isn’t terribly uncommon, to be totally honest – and not in a bad way, in that he didn’t work incredibly hard through high school; instead working, filming each day, developing his reel and developing his unique style.

Although not everyone who’s dedicated their lives to creating beautiful work has ended up where he is, working for the most respected brands in skateboarding, Jeremy didn’t get lucky – he worked hard and earned his spot, fair and square.

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