WAR Supermoto Winter Triple Crown starts November 17th at Grange in Apple Valley

Courtesy of WAR Supermoto

WAR Winter Triple Crown

November 17th marks the return of the WAR Supermoto Series Winter Triple Crown.

The main story

This year WAR has returned to its roots and will be hosting a full 3 round series. This is after a couple years of only running one annual race. We at WAR have recognized a gap in the Southern California Supermoto Racing scene and we want to fill that gap with an off season race series that racers can get excited about.
WAR will start its Winter Triple Crown at Grange Motor Circuit in Apple Valley on November 17th. We will host the second round at Apex Racing Center in Perris on December 8th and we will have our season closer at Adams Motorsports Track in Riverside on January 12th 2019.





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