VIDEO: Venice as you’ve never seen it before with freerunner Petkuns

Courtesy of Red Bull Media Service Team

Latvian leaps by bridges & gondolas during Festa del Redentore.

Freerunner Pavel Petkuns travelled to Venice for his latest parkour video as the Latvian searched for true love in one of Italy’s most romantic settings. Here is all you need to know:

– Petkuns and his girlfriend visit the City of Love for the annual Festa del Redentore (The Feast of the Redeemer) when the freerunner falls into the water leaning over the railing of a ferry boat.

– The 25-year-old then leaps over bridges, canals and gondolas through stunning backdrops such as St Mark’s Square, the Acqua Alta bookshop and Punta della Dogana to find her before the unforgettable firework display that marks the July 14 celebration in the city.

– The three-time Red Bull Art of Motion champion’s technical and athletic abilities have made him one of the best freerunners on the planet, however the narrow and crowded streets packed full of tourists were a new challenge for him to overcome.

– His recent study of silent films from the 1920s has enabled Petkuns to produce memorable action scenes in videos like this and Pasha: Lost and Found in Medellín.

– The Festa del Redentore combines religion and spectacle against the unique backdrop of St Mark’s Basin with lights and reflections making a kaleidoscope of colours that frame the spires, domes and campaniles of the Veneto region’s crown jewel.

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