VIDEO ALERT: Kyle tours Denmark in The Land of Everyday Wonder

Courtesy of Red Bull Media Service Team

BMX star travels to bike-mad country to perform mega two-wheeled tricks.

Kriss Kyle has starred in memorable projects such as Kaleidoscope and his helicopter drop onto the roof of the iconic Burj Al Arab Jumeirah hotel in Dubai. For his latest escapade he travelled to bike-mad Denmark where he was given free rein to ride whatever he wanted. Here is all you need to know:

– Kyle got the opportunity to ride through the laid-back country known as one of the happiest worldwide, where the average person bikes more than 500km a year.

– The 27-year-old’s project took months of planning, weeks of shooting and more months of editing with director Matty Lambert a crucial part of the process.

– His three-week journey with VisitDenmark saw him travel to the likes of Copenhagen, Aarhus, Jutland, Løkken, Falster Island, Møn Island and Klampenborg and perform tricks like paragliding with his bike onto a beach, ride in an underwater aquarium with sharks and take his bike on rollercoasters, cliffs, boats and planes.

– Lambert said: “Projects like this are super enjoyable. We get to do things that we wouldn’t necessarily be able to do, if it had just been me and Kriss going out there. We found ourselves on the top of an aquarium roof where they had a perfect shaped quarter pipe.”

Here is what Kyle had to say himself about his latest dream project:What is your impression of Denmark after touring most of the country?

I had been to Copenhagen before and I loved every second of it, but I was absolutely blown away with how many beautiful sites and landmarks there were once we left Copenhagen behind. I’ve never been to a city before and been able to ride any spot without getting hassled by people saying, ‘You can’t ride that or this’, where as in Denmark it was the total opposite. My type of people. Always smiling. I mean where in the world would the owners of the world’s oldest fairground be completely cool with hammering up wooden boards so I could ride it? Some of the people we met even suggested that I could ride the roofs on buildings!

What trick was the hardest to stomp?

I’d say the jump off the IDA Ferry onto the Audi. More mentally than anything actually as it was the end of the day. We were already late getting to the location from our shoot at Møn Island and I was still a bit tired from shooting at The Blue Planet the day before. When we got to the ferry the sun was already going down. So even though I wanted to go through the trick and landing, I just had to send it! The first attempt didn’t really go to plan. For the second attempt, I just held on for my life as the drop was way bigger than I remembered.  I was so stoked to land this trick!

Besides the big drop, what surprised you the most during the shoot?

I guess it was when we were filming in the aquarium (The Blue Planet). Matty, my good friend and director was about to shout, ‘Action, Kriss’, but we had to wait on the sharks to be in the shot. So he would call out over the walkie, ‘Hold on Kriss, we’re just waiting on the shark to be in the picture’. That’s something I don’t hear every day and probably won’t ever again!

You must have felt at home being surrounded by bikes everywhere you went in Denmark?

Love it! The Danish bike culture is insane. I have never been to a place where there are so many people on bikes. I wish more places around the world were like Denmark. Even in the small cities in the most remote places we went, you would see bikes all over the place – in front of shops and in front of houses. That’s so unlike what I would usually see.

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