VIDEO ALERT: Four iconic FMX tricks uniquely captured by racing drone

Courtesy of Red Bull Media Service Team

Discover what happens when two freestyle worlds collide in the air.

French freestyle motocross rider Tomas Pagès joined forces with freestyle drone pilot Tom ‘Tomz’ Panaiva for the visually stunning Follow Me.

Pagès, 33, is a four-time Red Bull X-Fighters champion as well as an X Games gold medallist and he brought his full repertoire to a secret location for his latest project.

Just 20cm apart from man and flying machine, Pagès unleashes his usual array of flicks, tricks and turns on a man-made course, with compatriot Panaiva’s custom-built drone completely in tandem.

The end result is a battering of the senses, remarkably the duo avoiding any collision despite the speed, dangers and proximity involved.

“On one of the jumps, I’m 20cm off his helmet,” said Panaiva, while Pagès added: “It’s like taking people with me on the bike.”

Tricks performed:

360: full rotation of the rider and his bike around a vertical axis.
Volt: full rotation of the rider around a vertical axis, alongside his bike.
Double Backflip: full double rotation of the rider and his bike around a horizontal axis.
Bike Flip: full rotation of the bike around a horizontal axis, underneath the rider.








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