VIDEO ALERT: Drone follows speed rider Delluc in scary canyon flight

Courtesy of Red Bull Media Service Team

Drone pilot TomZ keeps track with fellow Frenchman in mad Morzine stunt.

After hooking up with Tom Pagès, Camille Chapelière, Nouria Newman, Irek Rizaev and Alexis Pinturault for his breathtaking Follow Me series, FPV drone pilot Tom ‘Tomz’ Panaiva joined up with speed rider Valentin Delluc in the Alps. Here is all you need to know:

– Frenchman Panaiva has already given us a unique view of how motocross, kayak, BMX and ski athletes tackle their disciplines through his stunning drone flying.

– For this latest project, he headed to the French Alps and popular winter resort Morzine in the middle of February to follow acclaimed French speed rider Delluc.

– Speedriding mixes freeskiing and paragliding with 27-year-old Delluc embracing the exhilarating discipline after he started out in alpine skiing and freeskiing.

– Delluc quickly became one of the world’s best and dominated the Speed ​​Riding Tour in 2014 before producing hit viral videos with compatriot Martin Schricke as well as a terrifying solo avalanche escape.

– This time, Panaiva got the chance to follow Delluc as he teased the top of the trees and several chalets before rushing, like a ball, between the walls of a canyon.

– He said: “Among all the sports I have filmed since the start of the Follow Me series, none have seemed so familiar to me. I immediately understood how Valentin was going to evolve in this canyon. I almost have the same approach as him at the controls of my drone.”

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