VIDEO ALERT: Disused quarry to ultimate wakeboarder’s playground

Courtesy of Red Bull Media Service Team

Rock faces, diggers and huge tyres used by Dominik Hernler and friends.

A steel filter, tonnes of rock, a digger and huge track tyres might not seem the ultimate plaything.

But three world-class wakeboarders turned such objects into the ultimate wakeboard experience inside a disused quarry in Carinthia, Austria. Here is all you need to know:

– Falling Rocks follows the novel voyage of X Games medallists and wakeboarders Dominik Hernler, Felix Georgii and Parks Bonifay.

– Pulled by a winch, it was a return to his roots for Hernler, who persuaded his peers to join him on the quarry quest.

– They used only the objects there from a 1.5-tonne stone filter made of steel, which was turned into a kicker, as well as steel pipes for rails and drainage pipes, a digger, vast tyres and metal sheets over the course of two weeks.

– Among the stand-out stunts was Hernler using a four-metre high digger bucket to put a cab 270 front boardslide into his run.

– Hernler said: “For me, the Falling Rocks project was something very special as it took place practically around the corner from my home. Finally, we didn’t have a road trip in which we had to spend endless miles in the car but we could get to grips with one specific spot. It particularly pleased me that so many friends from home were there to help. It was awesome to have Parks and Felix there.”

– Georgii said of the collaboration: “When Dominik and Sam showed me the quarry for the first time, I was overwhelmed. The vertical wall with its white, sharp rocky edges combined with the crystal-clear water looks awesome and offers everything for a perfect wakeboard set-up.”

– Previous eye-catching wakeboard experiences from Hernler have included the hydropower plants of Upper and Lower Austria, and a trip through Paris’ waterways.










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