USASA Nationals – Monster Army sets the standard

Courtesy of Monster Army

What turned out to be a beautiful week, and amazing event at copper for the USASA Nationals also showed that the Monster Army is here for a good reason and our athletes know their way around the hill.

Congrats to our army, and finishing off another year strong.

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Dylan Ladd, 8th Slope Open, 4th Halfpipe Open

Sam Ward, 13th Slope Open, 7th Halfpipe Open

Tyler Desmond, 3rd Slope Jam

Freddy Mazza, 27th Slope Open

Connor Ladd, 1st Slope Breaker, 3rd Halfpipe Breaker

Lucas foster 32nd slope, 5th Slope Open

Hailey mattingley 1st Slope Open

Tucker Vest, 48th Slope Open

Landon Moore, 2nd Slope Jam

Video Cred: @rgwproductions


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