Torsten Hallman – MXoN Legend

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Torsten Hallman is without question the greatest Swedish motocross rider, and one of the few riders to win four motocross world championships in the history of the sport. The former 250cc World champion, who won titles in 1962, 63, 66 and 67 was also the man who began the clothing company THOR, only to sell it and move onto other business projects.

Hallman also has 37 Grand Prix victories, and if you ask anyone in Europe or America, they all know the name Torsten Hallman.

While Hallman might never have won the Motocross of Nations (finishing second on a few occasions), he did win the Trophee des Nations on five occasions, in 1963, 1964, 1966, 1967 and 1968. An event that pitted the 250cc bikes against each other. Both events were as important as the other, but the Trophee des Nations ended in 1984, when they decided to combine the 500cc and 250cc bikes.

For the Swedish legend, the man who helped to introduce motocross to America, he missed out on racing a USGP, but he did enjoy big success on the World scene.


MXGP: Did you ever do a USGP and if you did, what was your experience?

Hallman: No, the USGP was not invented when I was racing! You must understand that when I came to the US during the first couple of years I always had to spell the word “motocross” to explain for people what I was doing!

MXGP: Motocross of Nations is the biggest race of the year and I noticed you never actually won it, even in the era of Sweden winning it often. Why was that?

Hallman: You have to look deeper in your history books! During my era, we had both Trophee des Nations (250cc) and MXoN (500cc). In that time, the same riders were picked to ride in both of the team races. I am quite satisfied with my result winning the Trophee des Nations five times and coming second in the MXoN three times! And I won individual three or four times! At my first MXoN race in 1963 in Sweden I was leading – and Team Sweden was in the lead – when my experimental Husqvarna 420cc bike suddenly stopped with ignition issues! Same in France 1966 when I was leading when the chain broke.

MXGP: How many MXoN did you do and what stood out for you at that event?

Hallman: Seven Trophee des Nations and five MXoN. It’s a special feeling to be standing on top of the box with all team members and all the fans following that event!

MXGP: Did you used to go to MXoN as a boy or have memories of the event as boy?

Hallman: No, I never attend any of the team races before I raced myself in Italy 1961.


Photo Credits: Husqvarna Image

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