This is what Justin Hill thinks of the Ranger

Courtesy of Kuberg Motorcycles

Thank you Kuberg California for getting our Ranger into the hands of Pros like Justin Hill. This email was sent to us from Justin sharing his experiences and thoughts while riding the New Kuberg Ranger.  See the full quote below.     “Coming from the Supercross circuit, I’m ultra-sensitive to the riding position. When I first threw a leg over the Ranger, I was shocked at how much it felt like a real “racing” type setup, needless to say, I was having loads of fun almost instantly!

When it comes to comfort, I always look to the suspension, chassis, as well as location of the controls. For me, the Ranger checked all those boxes. Specifically, due to its impressive power delivery within such a lightweight build, it has allowed me to do things that I never would have done on a full-size bike.

My initial thoughts on the Ranger were; “This thing is probably perfect for running around town. Someone could definitely pop a couple of wheelies and hop off some curbs, you know, fun commuter type stuff, like a lime scooter on steroids.” 

However, when I rode it, I changed my mind completely. My very next thought was: “Woah, never mind, you can go BIG on this thing!” 

The Ranger is like the best downhill mountain bike, with dirt bike pegs, and a silent race engine. Not to mention, I can ride, jump, and have fun for hours without running out of juice. This thing will just go highway speed for the foreseeable future!

I personally would use the Ranger all day every day! With the drop seat function, the sky’s the limit. I would take it to town, to work, on the trails, on the track, on the ramps, everywhere. You can cruise it, rip it, flip it, send it, all without waking up the neighbors! 

When the Ranger catches everyone’s attention, It will fully overtake the “pit bike” scene. These electric bikes are just plain better. They’re dependable, require almost no maintenance, no oil, no fuel, almost no noise, almost no heat. If you have an electrical outlet at your home, you’re ready to go!”

Justin Hill Pro MX Rider
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