The Moment A Pro Skier Loses Their Confidence | Jérémie Heitz’s Scariest Ski Moment from La Liste

Courtesy of Red Bull Snow

Watch La Liste in it’s entirety over on Red Bull TV:… Amidst the filming of his iconic ski movie, La Liste, Jérémie Heitz took on the challenging face of the Grand Combin de Valsorey in Switzerland. The mistake he made here led to a three-year process to regain his confidence.

Speaking to RedBull.COM, Heitz states: “A few months ago the north face of the Grand Combin de Valsorey gave me a hard time. It was a super-frustrating mission because I made the mistake! After spending the night in our base camp, my friend José and I climbed up this big north-west face, everything went as planned. On the way up I was scoping my line and decided to ski across a patch of ice. I felt really confident, the face was steep at the beginning, but slowly less and less, a big ramp with no big exposure.

I skied this patch, but the ice wasn’t regular and the pressure was too strong for my skis, I lost one even with bindings set up to the max (160kg)… I started to slide sideways and just managed to stop 20m below with my other ski. Lucky me! With my ice axe in my hand, I skied down to the base camp.”

This Spring, we revisited one of the most iconic steep-skiing films out there – La Liste! Join host Ed Leigh as he watches La Liste together with main protagonist Jérémie Heitz and filmmaker Guido Perrini, who redefined steep skiing with their exceptional movie. Young skiing phenom Jérémie Heitz challenged himself to ski 15 steepest 4,000m peaks in the Alps in just two ski seasons. To do so requires enormous physical endurance and superior mental fortitude. This is a new frontier in freeriding.

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