The Master Camp Students Gain Speed on Day 2 in Misano

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VR46 Academy riders Andrea Migno, Marco Bezzecchi, Franco Morbidelli and Niccolò Antonelli continued to carry out their instructor roles at the sixth Yamaha VR46 Master Camp yesterday, guiding the young riders at the Fisio Gym. Nicolò Bulega took over in the afternoon when the students hit the Misano KCE World Circuit Marco Simoncelli.

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Tavullia (Italy), 14th September 2018
The second day of the sixth Yamaha VR46 Master Camp had yet more action in store for Malaysia’s Muhammad Aiman Bin Tahiruddin (16) and Nazirul Izzat Bin Muhammad Bahauddin (18), Indonesia’s Muhammad Faerozi Toreqottullah (15), and Japan’s Shota Yokoyama (16). In the morning they were taught how to stretch, do Pilates, and train on a race simulator by VR46 Academy riders Andrea Migno, Marco Bezzecchi, Franco Morbidelli and Niccolò Antonelli. In the afternoon Nicolò Bulega taught the Master Camp riders how to pick the perfect lines at the Misano KCE World Circuit Marco Simoncelli.


The Master Camp students had been looking forward to today‘s programme, but the full-on Day 1 had taken its toll. Aiman wasn’t feeling well and was unable to participate in the Day 2 training sessions, but he did join his fellow students for moral support.

The first stop was the Fisio Gym. After a quick warm-up to loosen the muscles, the group split into two: one half went on to participate in a Pilates class, while the other half were shown how to use a race simulator. After the demo the Master Camp riders got to prepare for the afternoon riding session by putting in hot laps around the Misano World Circuit on the simulator. Halfway through the Gym period the groups swapped places.


The riders then had to rush off to their next appointment: the VR46 Store in Tavullia. The youngsters had time for a quick browse through the latest VR46 gear (including the official Yamaha VR46 Master Camp clothing line, which you can buy HERE).


Following their shopping spree, the protégées hopped into their van and hurried to the Misano World Circuit, where they found their YZF-R3s, fitted with Pirelli Diablo Supercorsa SP tyres, all nicely lined-up in the Yamaha VR46 Master Camp pit box. The riders were soon asked to join a briefing on riding safety with instructor Bulega, before they could change into their leathers and rev up their bikes‘ engines.


The YZF-R3 was new for the students, so they needed a few laps to find the right lines and brake points on the track. However, they quickly got the hang of it and started to have fun on their bikes until the Superpole session, which was serious business. Ultimately, it was Faeroz who clocked the fasted time, whilst Shota came second. Izzat came third after a crash prohibited him from completing his flying lap.


You can all watch the Day 2 action HERE. If you want to know more about the Master Camp YZ85 bikes the riders rode on during Day 1‘s MiniGP session, click HERE.
Being at the Misano World Circuit right after the San Marino GP was a very strange experience. Seven days ago, there were 85.000 people there and the paddock was completely full, whilst yesterday it was almost like a desert, it was tranquil. We had the whole track to ourselves, just for our riders, so it was almost surreal but at the same time a perfect situation as we had a completely empty track. Nicolò Bulega was with us and we only had three riders participating in the riding session, because Aiman didn’t feel well. I think it was great for the three other riders to try the YZF-R3 and experience a world championship circuit at first hand. I think they learned a lot. Especially Faeroz was extremely fast, though all three of them were very impressive. I‘m sure they will take home great memories from their Misano outing. On Day 3 we go ahead with the soft cross and another session at the VR46 Motor Ranch. There’s plenty of work still to come, but we have a very nice day in Misano to look back on.
On Day 2 we started at the gym and what we did there was very different from how I train in Malaysia, but I really liked it! It was comfortable and relaxing, and I want to keep training like this when I go home. I will keep practising Pilates and stretching. At the VR46 Store I bought gifts for my family. The shop was so beautiful! Riding at the Misano track was obviously a first for me, but so was the YZF-R3 bike. I tried to get a quick understanding of how it all worked and what the best lines were considering the track lay-out. I tried to go fast in the Superpole, but unfortunately I made a mistake and crashed. Nevertheless, I was able to learn a lot in the free practice sessions before then. I‘m now just looking forward to starting Day 3, because I love motocross and I think the morning soft cross session will be very interesting for me.
Yesterday was another great day at the Master Camp. Starting in the morning at the gym and simulator, we could see and learn what the VR46 Academy riders do during their work-outs, and it was awesome. What we learned and did in the gym, I would like to do in Indonesia also. In the afternoon it was great, because I was allowed to ride at the Misano circuit, the MotoGP track. Already in the first session I was quick to find my way around it and went faster and faster. I was able to improve my time to a 1‘57.1s. I‘m so happy with the results and to get first position! Many thanks to Bulega for giving me some tips. But more importantly than winning, I came here willing to learn as much as possible, so that remains my main priority. I’m looking forward to the programme for Day 3!
In the gym we learned how to relax our body and take care of our physical condition using Pilates and stretching. After riding in Misano, my body was under some stress and I did some stretching. I hope this helps it to remain strain free for Day 3. When I go back to Japan, I would like to continue the training I did on Day 2. I also learned Pilates. I had never imaged to include this in my training before, but it was a good opportunity to learn about it. The training was so much fun, especially the simulator. I had never seen one before, and at first it was quite difficult for me to control it, but I think that thanks to the great guidance from the VR46 Academy riders, I was able to do some good runs. The VR46 Store was good fun too. This time to relax was very nice for me, because we don‘t have this kind of shop in Japan. I can‘t find this merchandise at home, so it was a good opportunity for me to purchase it in Tavullia. After the shopping we went to Misano, which was wider than the Japanese circuits. This made it harder to find the right lines, but during the free practice sessions I was able to improve my lap times. It was my first time riding a YZF-R3, but I was still a bit disappointed not to be able to set the top time. Watching how Bulega rides on track, when I was riding behind him, was definitely useful and interesting.


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