The Coldest Place To Go Wakeboarding

Courtesy of Red Bull Media Service Team

13 times Russian national Champion, Champion of Europe and Bronze Medalist at the World Championships, Nikita Martyanov headed off to the largest island on the planet aka Greenland to wakeboard in icy waters in between and on icebergs and over icebergs.

In short, there were a lot of icebergs. Imagine a wakepark where the features live their lives and are always in motion. Every approach to a stunt was unique. At first glance everything looks wonderful, but while I was doing a circle, an ice needle would float up, or the iceberg would turn over in a bad way, or the wind would blow up… Basically, there wasn’t much of a chance to do practice approaches, so you either had to do the stunt on the first attempt or at the most on the second. You had to weigh everything up very quickly, there was simply no time left to really plan something, but he still wanted to squeeze the maximum out of it.

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