The best GoPro Moments from Fieberbrunn with Loic Collomb-Patton (FRA), Sam Lee (NZL) and Rachel Croft (USA)

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Freeride World Tour 2018 – The final stop before Verbier | GoPro Moments

The fourth stop of the Freeride World Tour 2018 staged in Fieberbrunn (AUT) was ruled by the French and Austrian riders. Marion Haerty (FRA) took the podium spot in the snowboard women’s category while fellow countrymen Mickael Bimboes celebrated his victory ski men’s competition. The Austrians showed an equally successful team performance: Manuela Mandl (2. place – snowboard women), Lorraine Huber (1. place – ski women), Eva Walkner (2. Platz – ski women), Gigi Rüf (1. Platz – snowboard men) and Thomas Feurstein (3. Platz – snowboard men) were the reasons for the home crowd to cheer even louder.

The GoPro Moments clip from the past stop in Fieberbrunn is now available before the Freeride World Tour is heading to its big final in Verbier (SUI). From the 31st of March until the 8th of April one last the time the women and men aim for achieving as many points as possible to be named World Champion in the end. Kristofer Turdell (SWE) has already reached this goal: He can’t be overcome anymore and my be called ‘World Champion’ in the category ski men.

Results after four stops:

Snowboard Women

1.       Manuela Mandl (AUT)

2.       Marion Haerty (FRA)

3.       Anna Orlova (RUS)

Snowboard Men

1.       Thomas Feurstein (AUT)

2.       Gigi Rüf (AUT)

3.       Davey Baird (USA)

Ski Women

1.       Arianna Tricomi (ITA)

2.       Eva Walkner (AUT)

3.       Hazel Birnbaum (USA)

Ski Men

1.       Kristofer Turdell (SWE)

2.       Markus Eder (ITA)

3.       Loic Collomb-Patton (FRA)

GoPro Moments – Freeride World Tour 2018 | Fieberbrunn (AUT) from World of Freesports on Vimeo.


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