Sweden’s Antonio Lindback tops ANLAS Czech Republic FIM Speedway Grand Prix qualifying time charts

Courtesy of FIM Speedway Grand Prix


Swedish star Antonio Lindback admits a relaxed approach to qualifying helped him clock the fastest time as he earned first pick of starting positions for the ANLAS Czech Republic FIM Speedway Grand Prix.

The Rio Rocket blasted to a time of 15.194 seconds to top Friday’s qualifying charts at Prague’s sun-soaked Marketa Stadium.

This allowed him to pick starting position No.5 for Saturday’s ANLAS Czech SGP, offering him two starts from the inside in red – the gate which has often produced the most Prague race winners.

Lindback admits he went out to enjoy Friday’s session, and believes that helped him go fastest.

He said: “I went into practice and qualifying not focusing too much on it. I just wanted to go out, get a feel for the bike and have a good time. Sometimes when you don’t think about doing something, you do well.

“We found a good time in the end. It was still only qualifying – the important day is Saturday, so I’ll just take it as a fun day.”

Lindback hopes starting in red twice will pay dividends and allow him to dictate matters in the all-important first corner.

He said: “If you make the start in red or you’re side-by-side with the other riders, of course you can choose where you ride. But if you miss the start, you are locked. It’s both good and bad, but I hope it will be a positive on Saturday.”

Lindback, who is currently 12th in the World Championship on 13 points, knows he still has to deliver the points on Saturday night to ensure his qualifying efforts pay off.

He said: “Qualifying is qualifying – yes, I had a fast time on Friday. But it doesn’t matter how fast you are on the track if you don’t make any gates. Saturday is a new day and a new opportunity, so we’ll go for that.”

Danish racer Leon Madsen – currently third in the standings – continued his strong start to 2019, clocking the second best time of 15.203. British champion Robert Lambert also starred, going third fastest on 15.293.

Polish icon Maciej Janowski made his first ever SGP qualifying session count as he finished fourth on 15.299.

The Prague starting-position pick has set up some huge races, with heat four one to watch as the riders placed second to fourth in the championship all meet. Patryk Dudek, Madsen and Martin Vaculik clash, with Russian ace Emil Sayfutdinov joining them for good measure.

Polish fans will have a keen eye on race six as the world’s top two Bartosz Zmarzlik and Dudek face off, with Janowski joining them at the tapes. Russia’s Artem Laguta completes the line-up.

To view the ANLAS Czech SGP draw in full and see when your favourites take to the track, click here: http://bit.ly/2Ztudux.


1 Antonio Lindback 15.194

2 Leon Madsen 15.203

3 Robert Lambert 15.293

4 Maciej Janowski 15.299

5 Niels-Kristian Iversen 15.340

6 Matej Zagar 15.349

7 Janusz Kolodziej 15.382

8 Bartosz Zmarzlik 15.406

9 Artem Laguta 15.411

10 Emil Sayfutdinov 15.462

11 Patryk Dudek 15.556

12 Jason Doyle 15.560

13 Fredrik Lindgren 15.574

14 Martin Vaculik 15.584

15 Max Fricke 15.586

16 Vaclav Milik 15.839

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