Surfers to Watch in 2020

Courtesy of Red Bull Media Service Team

USA Stars – Carissa Moore, Caroline Marks, Kolohe Andino 

Carissa Moore and Caroline Marks, coming off a one-two finish at the 2019 World Tour, will represent the first Team USA women’s surf team. Moore, whose public persona is as bright as her surfing on the surface, is just the sixth female surfer ever with four world titles. Marks, who’s known as a surfing phenom, is not only the youngest surfer to qualify for the world tour, but also win a championship tour event. Together, the two are clear favorites to podium.

The self-proclaimed, “Surfing Cowboy”, Kolohe Andino will represent the first Team USA men’s surf team with close friend, John John Florence. Andino, whose electric brand of surfing is a potent blend of acrobatics and aggression, is poised to make his country and home state of California proud.

Japan’s Rising Son – Kanoa Igarashi

Kanoa Igarashi, who holds dual citizenship between the United States and Japan, is proudly representing Japan on the global stage, and will be the host nation’s biggest chance for a podium spot in the inaugural surf event. His father grew up surfing in Japan (and actually helped discover the surf spot that will be used this summer) as a huge fan of the sport. When he and his wife found out Kanoa was on the way, they up and moved to California with the goal of giving their baby boy a shot at fulfilling his dad’s dream. With Igarashi now seen as a national hero, it seems their gamble has truly paid off.

Around the World

Julian Wilson has been one of the most highly regarded talents in surfing and will take this phenomenal ability to represent Australia. Over the years, Wilson has won everything from Rookie of the year, to the Rip Curl Pro, to the Vans Triple Crown Series. With his wife and baby by his side, Jules has no intentions of slowing down to add another title to his name.

Jordy Smith, who will soon be the first South African to compete in surfing at the Olympic Games, is adept in and out of the competition jersey. His powerful free surf performances mixed with consistent placings on tour have made him a contender for gold and a favorite among surf fans.

Michel Bourez, who most know as “The Spartan”, born in Rurutu in French Polynesia will represent France thanks to his consistent 2019 world tour performance. He’s famous for his violent turns and remarkably chiseled physique, both of which make him a top contender at the summer games.

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