SURF SESSIONS: Mikala Jones surfs the most remote beaches in Indonesia

Courtesy of Red Bull

Song: Sounds of Red Bull – Down (The Conscious): If a perfect wave strafes Indonesia’s most remote beaches and Mikala Jones isn’t there to tame it, did it really break? Come join Mikala Jones for a free lesson on the art of the hidden corner.

Mikala Jones grew up on the beach at Rocky Point in Oahu, Hawaii, one of the most photographed waves in the world. He and his siblings spent their childhood surfing on the North Shore, where the endless influx of visiting rippers exposed them to a range of characters on land, and a wide array of styles in the water.

It almost would have been harder for Jones to not become an accomplished surfer than it would have been to chase his goal of turning pro, but even in his wildest dreams he might not have been able to have pick the enviable path his life has taken him down.

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