Spirit of the White Tiger on the Silk Way Rally | Silk Way Rally 2020🌏

Courtesy of Silk Way Rally

Silk Way Rally” is a marathon for those who have boldness and will to win. And not only because participants can test themselves on different tracks – from desert sands to taiga roads. But, most importantly, because SWR is a unique adventure! A breathtaking journey is full of new challenges that will allow participants to discover themselves from new perspectives and many new things in the world – get to know unknown cultures, feel the spirit of speed, adventurism, and discoveries. Therefore, the symbol of the Silk Way Rally is the White Tiger.

Known around the world as one of the largest predators, the tiger is found both in Russia and in China, where it is considered a sacred animal. This is more than just a mascot – it’s a philosophy. If the lion is the king of the African savannah, then the tiger is the king of Eurasia and a symbol of freedom. And the ideogram 王, which means “king,” resembles stripes on the face of a tiger. Feeling free in any environment, if there is enough space around, white tigers are the largest representatives of their breed. According to Chinese mythology, they symbolize courage and a strong inner spirit which protects from external threats. That is why the white tiger was chosen as the symbol of the Silk Way Rally: in order to inspire participants to win and become their talisman throughout the race, in spite of any difficulties!

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