Solutions For The Drone Age: DJI Drone-To-Phone Broadcast Remote ID

Courtesy of DJI

The FAA and European regulators will soon mandate Remote Identification for drones, and may require the location of drone pilots to be visible to anyone. DJI developed a demonstration app to show what we think is the best way to do Remote ID with the least costs and burdens on pilots. Our Drone-to-Phone Remote ID app is not for public release, but has sparked debate over how much Remote ID information should be available to the public. To learn more, visit this link:…

Drone-to-Phone Remote ID works like an electronic license plate for drones. It shows a drone’s location, altitude, speed and direction, as well as an identifier like a serial number or registration number and the location of the pilot. DJI’s system uses an ASTM International standard and off-the-shelf technology to send this information directly from a drone to a commonly-available smartphone.

DJI’s Drone-to-Phone implementation of the Remote ID standard has real advantages for drone pilots, authorities and the public at large. We believe drone pilots ought to be able to decide how best to comply with the Remote ID rules that regulators are writing all over the world. Here’s more on DJI’s perspective:…

In the United States, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) wants most drone pilots to use a different kind of Remote ID with higher costs and more burdens. To learn how to comment to the FAA by their March 2 deadline, please visit…

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