It’s snow time. Dani Sordo is your guide at Rally Sweden, the coolest event of the season!

Courtesy of Red Bull TV Media Service

Karlstad, Friday 9 February 2018

When it comes to ice-cool World Rally Championship action, Rallye Monte-Carlo was just the warm-up act. For round two it’s off to Rally Sweden: the only full winter round of the season and undoubtedly one of the most spectacular. You can catch Red Bull TV’s extended coverage throughout the weekend for free on or via the app.

What you need to know about the WRC’s snow show:

* Rally Sweden has been on the World Championship calendar since the series started in 1973, and it’s quite literally the coolest event of the year. Temperatures have been known to dip close to minus 30 degrees centigrade, and massive snowbanks line the stages, with rally cars bouncing off them like ping pong balls.

* Drivers try to lean their cars against the snowbanks to carry more speed through each corner. In order to generate grip on a surface that’s often too slippery to stand up on, they rely on special studded snow tyres, with 384 metal spikes in each tyre that bite through the surface snow and ice into the firmer ground underneath.

* While the event is called Rally Sweden, most of Friday’s action actually takes place in neighbouring Norway. One of the highlights of the event is the famous ‘Colin’s Crest’ jump on Saturday’s Vargasen stage. There’s even a prize on offer for the best jump!

Dani joins Matt and Mike behind the mic for Red Bull TV!

* The ‘dream team’ of Mike Chen and Matt Wilson are back to present the Red Bull TV coverage – and this time they have a very special guest. Hyundai factory driver Dani Sordo, one of the top stars of the World Rally Championship, will join Mike and Matt to bring a unique driver’s perspective to one of the fastest and most exciting rallies on the championship.

* As usual, there will be enhanced coverage on Red Bull TV this year from every day of the rally, including live coverage of the Super Stage – Vargasen – on Saturday (starting at 14:45 CET). There’s also a special Sunday show with an hour of action from the rally-deciding Power Stage. With breath-taking in-car footage, it’s almost better than being there. And certainly a lot warmer.



Highlights show (40 min.) – Friday 16 February – 22:00 local time (CET)
Live coverage SS14 (85 min.) – Saturday 17 February – 12:45 local time (CET)
Highlights show (40 min.) – Saturday 17 February – 22:00 local time (CET)
Highlights show (up to 90 min.) – Sunday 18 February – 22:00 local time (CET)

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