Sneak Peek – All in a Dream: A Film by Danny Davis – Full Part – Opening Sequence

Courtesy of ECHOBoom Sports

Available Now | Get it Here: Danny Davis, a gifted snowboarder with a knack for riding halfpipe thinks he has seen it all; From contest podiums on the world stage to backcountry trips in both hemispheres, he has quite literally been living a dream. But it hasn’t been without sacrifice. With what is likely his last Olympic competition at stake, his season plans are thrown into chaos after a devastating crash. During what seems like a routine visit to the hospital, an unusually familiar nurse and an MRI scan send Danny on a strange trip down memory lane. What starts as a pilgrimage to the powder fields of British Columbia, quickly turns into a road trip through Danny’s own mind as he revisits his humble beginnings, past injuries, friendly faces and inner demons. Joined by fellow snowboarders Mark McMorris, Ben Ferguson, Scotty Lago, Mikkel Bang, Nick Russell and more, Danny is forced to face his biggest challenge to date, himself. #AllinaDream #DannyDavis #snowboarding

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