Smidl secures 2nd victory in Racer League | Racing Unleashed 2020

Courtesy of World of Freesports

Michal Smidl is the fastest man in the Racer League of Racing Unleashed. The Czech was already unbeatable on the virtual Nürburgring, now he repeated the perfect weekend on the virtual Red Bull Ring in Spielberg. With a lap time of 1:05.066 minutes, he took pole position and after 25 laps, he finally gained more than five seconds ahead of his first chaser. Just like at the Nürburgring, he was followed by his Czech compatriot Vojtech Polesny. For the first time, the event on Sunday was no longer held in one place, but in two different Racing Lounges with Cham and Zurich. In qualifying, the drivers had to fight off the competition inside the lounges because only eight of the twelve drivers in Cham and only three of four drivers in Zurich were able to qualify for the race.

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