Slackliner illuminates the darkness with colourful display in Swiss Cave

Courtesy of Red Bull Media Service Team

Japanese slackliner fuses sport and art surrounded by 80m rock faces.

Japanese slackline star Haruki Kinoshita put his tricks to use in an intoxicating fusion of his booming sport and art in 2018 when he performed a spectacular routine in Switzerland’s breathtaking Tamina Gorge.

Here is all you need to know:

– Kinoshita’s routine was synchronised to spectacular live visuals by the Swiss artist collective Projektil.

– The Japanese star teamed up with Gibbon Slacklines’ pioneer Andy Lewis to produce a routine in Tamina Gorge high above the 36.5° thermal waters below.

– Tamina Gorge has 80m high rock faces and was discovered in 1240 before famous scientist Paracelsus wrote a book on the therapeutic effects of the water.

– Kinoshita began slacklining in 2014 and just two years later took first place at the World Slackline Masters, the 2016 Natural Games and inaugural X Games slackline in Austin, Texas.

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