Skating an abandoned bobsleigh track | Exploring the Balkans Ep. 2

Courtesy of Red Bull

Welcome to our two-part skate series in which two Red Bull athletes (Simon Stricker and Vladik Scholz) lead a squad of American sponsored skaters right throughout the former Yugoslavia. Using local contacts and experience, the project was able to take in skateboarding from Dubrovnik to Mostar, and Sarajevo to Belgrade. The team skate an abandoned bobsleigh track from the Sarajevo winter olympics which was used as an arms dump during the civil war, and find spots where stray boards have to be abandoned due to the presence of uncleared land mines in the vicinity. Shredding across Croatia, Bosnia and Serbia in the presence of taste-making US pro’s Brian Delatorre, Al Davis and Cyrus Bennett alongside cult newcomer Andrew Wilson, this release will be accompanied by a parallel feature in Transworld Skateboarding magazine!

Read more about the adventure here:

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