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Performing, light and stylish: it’s the Atojo boot in a new, limited edition snakeskin print

The Sixties are back! Stylish animal prints are making a splash on the high fashion runways and if tiger and zebra prints have become must-haves, the real new trend this season is a return to python: eclectic snakeskin prints make for bold and original statement pieces which will certainly stand out.

Inspired by this new trend, now the Sidi Atojo is shedding its skin for a limited-edition python print cover that is sure to cause a buzz. This boot is made especially for anyone who is looking for an exclusive product.

This little change to stylish detail in no way alters the essence of this boot, which was designed to help pilots obtain the best feeling with their motorcycles and provide optimal driving precision. The uppers are produced in Technomicro, which is resistant against water, scrapes and cuts. It is also easy to care for and clean. The closure mechanism was studied to be effortless, with 3 levers that function independently from one another.

And in terms of comfort, there are three systems that prevent hypertension to the foot. Particularly, the front features an innovative mechanism that can adjust the range of pressure to the tibia and that will lock in case of excessive bending.

Protection is guaranteed by a front panel in anatomically shaped PU, all the way up to the upper. There is also a removable nylon insert that covers the metatarsal. Furthermore, the toe is completely protected by a geometrically designed plastic covering that provides better grip.

Atojo is a boot designed around the tough demands of champions. In fact, Alessandro LupinoTony Cairoli and Jorge Prado contributed to this project, helping Sidi with their invaluable feedback to perfect our technology and obtain an incredibly high-performing off-road product. Author:  Sidi

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