Sheldon Creed Wins Stadium SUPER Trucks Race 1 in Sydney, NSW, Australia

Courtesy of SPEED Energy Stadium SUPER Trucks Presented by TRAXXAS


Sheldon Creed Wins Stadium SUPER Trucks 
 Race 1 in Sydney, NSW, Australia
Homebush, New South Wales (December 4, 2015)- Sheldon Creed capitalized on the side-by-side racing of the leaders on Lap-3 to set up a pass and cruise his TRAXXAS truck to it’s tenth SPEED Energy Stadium SUPER Trucks Presented by TRAXXAS victory of 2015 in exhibition race one of the season ending Sydney 500.

Quick Qualifier Robby Gordon from Orange, Calif; would work his SPEED Energy / Toyo Tires / TRAXXAS truck thru traffic from his eleventh starting position to finish second, while P.J. Jones of Scottsdale, Arizona substitute driving for TRAXXAS driver Keegan Kincaid would hold off the pressure of Norwell, Queensland, Aus. driver Paul Morris to complete the podium.

Greg Gartner of Penola, South Australia, Aus. jumped out to the early lead in the Clipsal 500 Adelaide / Toyo Tires truck, and wasted no time becoming the highlight of the event or for that matter the entire 2015 SST season. Gartner would become crossed up on the first front straight jump, and would launch over the second jump awkwardly and perform some aerial acrobatics that where last scene on the hit-movie Top Gun. Gartner would not only walk away from the spectacular highlight reel crash, but drove away to finish the event. A true test of how greatly engineered these SST trucks truly are.


2015 SST Champion Sheldon Creed, of Alpine, Calif.; proved why he was the champion aggressively driving to the front, and moving past truck after truck from his tenth-place starting position in the first three laps.

With most drivers struggling to hit their marks on the fast and narrow temporary street circuit that makes up the 13-turn 2.1-mile (3.4 km) course built for the V8 SuperCars, Creed raced the second half of the 8-lap sprint flawlessly and held the hard charging TRAXXAS teammates of Jones Gordon behind him to capture the victory.

Gold Coast overall winner Paul Morris of Norwell, Queensland, Aus.; drove his / Hungry Jack’s truck to the third position early in the event, and drove a very smooth race battling hard with SST veterans Gordon and Jones. Morris kept his truck in one piece and finish conservatively in fourth.

Two-Time Australian drift Champion Rob Whyte of Gold Coast, Queenland, Aus.; making his first SST start driving the Just Car Insurance / Motul Oil would drive a very smooth race after making early contact on Lap-1 and spinning. Keeping his truck clean the rest of the event Whyte would finish his first ever Stadium SUPER Trucks Presented by TRAXXAS event in the fifth position.

Matt Brabham of Gold Coast, Queensland, Aus.; whom earlier in the day announced would be competing in the 2016 100th running of the Indianapolis 500, would dodge the flipping truck of Gartner on Lap-2 to take the lead early, but would battle Gordon, Jones, and Morris hard the rest of the event, eventually using up all his brakes and loosing valuable positions to finish in the sixth position.

Brad Gallard of Renmark, South Australia, Aus.; making his first start since the Clipsal 500 back in February would race his 360Fly truck to a seventh finish after early contact with Morris would leave his hood pushed up impairing his vision for majority of the race.

Nazareth, Penn.; driver Bill Hynes would finish in eighth position in his United Fiber and Data / Think Loud Entertainment SST.

Early race leader Gartner whom stunned the crowd with his spectacular aerial acrobatics was able to complete all seven laps and drive his Clipsal 500 Adelaide / Toyo Tires truck across the finish line in the ninth position.

Gold Coast, Queensland, Aus.; driver Matt Mingay driving his Hot Wheels / Castrol EDGE truck would be recorded with the tenth position after making hard contact with the outside wall on Lap-3 and bouncing back onto the track collecting Peoria, Ariz.; driver Scotty Steele in his LIVE / Think Loud Entertainment truck ultimately allowing both drivers to not finish the chaos filled sprint.

The SST trucks will return to the Homebush Street Circuit for a second exhibition race Saturday evening in front of anticipated massive crowd at 6:15 p.m. local time followed by a third exhibition race Sunday morning at 11:35 a.m. prior to the V8 Supercars Championship Finale.

SPEED Energy Stadium SUPER Trucks Presented by Traxxas
Sydney 500 Race No. 1 Homebush, New South Wales, Australia

1. Sheldon Creed; No. 74; Alpine, California; TRAXXAS

2. Robby Gordon; No. 7; Orange, California; SPEED Energy / TRAXXAS / Toyo Tires

3. P.J. Jones; No. 47; Scottsdale, Arizona TRAXXAS

4. Paul Morris; No. 67; Norwell, Queensland; / Hungry Jacks

5. Rob Whyte; No. 11; Gold Coast, Queensland; Just Car Insurance / Motul Oils

6. Matt Brabham; No. 83; Gold Coast, Queensland; United Fiber & Data / Think Loud Entertainment

7. Brad Gallard; No. 454; Renmark, South Australia; 360Fly

8. Bill Hynes; No. 57; Nazareth, Pennsylvania; United Fiber & Data / Think Loud Entertainment

9. Greg Gartner; No. 500; Penola, South Australia; Clipsal 500 Adelaide / Toyo Tires

10. Matt Mingay; No. 2; Gold Coast, Queensland; Hot Wheels/ Castrol EDGE

11. Scotty Steele; No. 48; Peoria, Arizona; LIVE / Think Loud Entertainment

SPEED Energy Stadium Super Trucks Presented by TRAXXAS 
Fact Sheet 

– 2015 is the third season of SPEED Energy Stadium Super Trucks by TRAXXAS.

– The first SST race was held at University of Phoenix Stadium on April 6, 2013 and was won by off-road racing veteran Rob MacCachren.

– The first event of the 2015 SST season featured three races in Adelaide, Australia with E.J. Viso, Sheldon Creed and Keegan Kincaid taking victories.

– Rounds 4 and 5 of the 2015 season took place at the St. Petersburg Grand Prix in Florida and were won by Sheldon Creed and Burt Jenner.

– Round 6 of 2015 was raced at the Long Beach Grand Prix and won by E.J. Viso 

– Round 7 at the Detroit Belle Isle Grand Prix was won by Robby Gordon. Round 8 was won by E.J. Viso, while Burt Jenner won the final round and was crowned the overall weekend champion.

– The SST by Traxxas series will race with the Verizon IndyCar series four times in 2015 – the St. Petersburg, Long Beach, Belle Isle Detroit and Toronto Grand Prixs.

– The SST by Traxxas series also races at venues including sites along the Las Vegas Strip, in stadiums and at purpose-built courses held in conjunction with large festival-style activities.

– The Stadium Super Trucks raced in Barbados in December 2014 as part of the International Race of Champions.

– The Stadium Super Trucks made their X Games debut with overwhelming popularity in 2014 and were featured live on ESPN and ABC.

– Sheldon Creed won Gold at X Games Austin in Round 10 on June 7, 2015

– Scotty Steele captured his first SST victory in Round 11 at the Indy Toronto

-Keegan Kincaid earned his third victory of the season in Round 12 in Toronto

– PJ Jones claimed his third SST Victory in three years with Round 13 at Costa Mesa, Calif.

– Sheldon Creed captured his four and fifth victory of 2015 in Round 15 and 16 at the Sand Sports Super Show in Costa Mesa, Calif.

– Burt Jenner claims his third victory of the year with the Race 1 victory at the Gold Coast 600 in Surfers Paradise, Queensland, Australia

– Sheldon Creed captures his sixth and seventh victory of the year on the Surfers Paradise street circuit in Gold Coast, Australia

-Sheldon Creed captures his eighth Stadium SUPER Trucks win of the season in the first all dirt event since 2013 at the Valvoline Raceway in Granville, NSW, Australia

– Matt Mingay becomes the first ever Australian to win in Stadium SUPER Trucks competition with his Race 4 win at the Gold Coast 600 at Surfers Paradise.

-Under the lights of fabulous Las Vegas Sheldon Creed captured his ninth victory of the season en route to his first 2015 SST Championship

– Sheldon Creed won race 10 of the year in a wild and crazy race 1 at the Sydney 500 in Homebush, New South Wales to close the season

– The SSTs are identically prepared 600 horsepower purpose-built race vehicles, modeled after their TRAXXAS radio control namesake.

– Every SST truck competes on unmodified DOT-approved Toyo Tires. A fan can purchase the same Toyo Open Country A/T II 35×12.5xR17 tires for their truck or SUV.

– Various SST by Traxxas videos, which have generated more than 10 million views since Dec. 1, 2014, can be seen at

2015 SPEED Energy Stadium Super Trucks Presented by TRAXXAS
2015 Season Winners

Round No. Race Location          Race Date          Winner
1              Adelaide, Australia   Feb. 27, 2015     E.J. Viso
2              Adelaide, Australia   Feb. 28, 2015     Sheldon Creed
3              Adelaide, Australia   March 1, 2015    Keegan Kincaid
4              St. Petersburg, Fla.  March 28, 2015  Sheldon Creed
5              St. Petersburg, Fla.  March 29, 2015  Burt Jenner
6              Long Beach, Calif.    April 19, 2015     E.J. Viso
7              Detroit, Mich.          May 29, 2015      Robby Gordon
8              Detroit, Mich.          May 30, 2015      E.J. Viso
9              Detroit, Mich.          May 31, 2015      Burt Jenner
10            Austin, Texas           June 7, 2015       Sheldon Creed
11            Toronto, Ont., Canada June 13, 2015   Scotty Steele
12            Toronto, Ont., Canada June 14, 2015   Keegan Kincaid
13            Costa Mesa, Calif.     Sept. 18, 2015     PJ Jones
14            Costa Mesa, Calif.     Sept. 19, 2015     Sheldon Creed
15            Costa Mesa, Calif.     Sept. 20, 2015     Sheldon Creed
16            Gold Coast, Queensland Oct. 23, 2015  Burt Jenner
17            Gold Coast, Queensland Oct. 24, 2015  Sheldon Creed
18            Gold Coast, Queensland Oct. 25, 2015  Sheldon Creed
19            Gold Coast, Queensland Oct. 25, 2015  Matt Mingay
20            Granville, NSW         Oct. 31,2015        Sheldon Creed
21            Las Vegas, Nevada    Nov. 5, 2915        Sheldon Creed
Exb.         Homebush, NSW       Dec. 4, 2015         Sheldon Creed

About SPEED Energy Stadium SUPER Trucks Presented by Traxxas

Influenced by the former Mickey Thompson Stadium Off-Road Racing Series, where drivers such as Gordon, Casey Mears and six-time NASCAR champion Jimmie Johnson got their start, Gordon created SST in response to the public’s overwhelming interest in trucks and off-road racing. His plan to re-launch the former stadium series has led to exciting racing on both asphalt and dirt, while producing one of the most extreme forms of action sports today.

Other than the trucks launching 20 feet in the air covering distances more than 150 feet, what sets the SST program apart from other series is the fact that all the SST trucks are identically prepared and delivered to drivers in race-ready condition. Race winners are decided by driver skill rather than individual team engineering and budgets. Drivers and their personal mechanics are assigned specific SST mechanics who together tune and make minor adjustments to the 600-horsepower trucks.

Media Contact: Chris Hecht

SPEED Energy Stadium SUPER Trucks Presented by Traxxas



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