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There is no doubt, the MXGP class is tough, it is tough for every single rider competing, including guys like Jeffrey Herlings and Antonio Cairoli. The toughest series in the World is demanding, and the older you get, the tougher it becomes.

Just like any big series in the World, winning or being a podium guy is how many teams gauge a rider’s success. For veteran riders like Shaun Simpson, who has won a handful of GPs’ in his career, and is now 30 years old, the story is different. Working hard, and being good with his sponsors, fans and the media has seen the Scotsman pick up a solid ride for 2019, and it’s a situation, for this period of his career that will see him be competitive for top tens and maybe the odd podium.

“I am 30 years old,” Simpson said. “The main goal is to support my family and it is my job, but I still have this deep sense that I want to achieve more in MXGP. Tony is 33 now and he is still riding at a top level, and I have always been a slow burner, and still feel, somehow, my best years are still in there. I just need to find the correct environment to get that out.”

With big support from British based company RaceFX, Simpson will go racing next year, and feels more than comfortable with the situation and his short-term future.


“RFX or RaceFX is a massive distribution company in the UK, and they have been upping their game in recent years. They started with two or three brands and it has just gotten bigger and bigger. FLY racing is involved, Bell helmets, so some big brands. On the other side they do levers, parts and so much other stock. It’s a place you will be able to just go in, get your parts, like a motorcycle supermarket.”

The former GP winner and constant top ten rider has also returned to KTM, a brand that saw him have a lot of success in both his MX2 and MXGP career. He has won championships with the orange army and will head into 2019 with a bike more than capable of getting him up front.

“Obviously we have done a deal with KTM and I am really happy to be back on board with KTM. It is the brand I have probably most enjoyed riding and the brand I have probably had the most success. KTM are a brand who don’t hold a grudge if you leave them and come back. I know a lot of the guys in Austria and the UK, and it feels like I am coming home.”

Now, with his RFX KTM team all sorted and the winter to get his machine and team fully sorted, Shaun Simpson can go into the new season with as much excitement as he did when he joined the GP scene a decade ago.

Geoff Meyer

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