Session Sydney’s Skate Terrain w/ Sorgente & Crew | Skate Escape

Courtesy of Red Bull

Watch Sorgente, Berglind, Lillesøe, León, Matheron and Mendoza cut loose on some punishing spots in Sydney.

With busy schedules it can be a struggle for some of our posse to link up and spark off one another like this, and so when Karl Berglind, Bjørn Lillesøe, Danny León, Mikey Mendoza, Vincent Matheron and Alex Sorgente dialled it all in, we had to break out the soul-stealers to document the lit sessions that ensued. From handrails to DIY spots in abandoned houses and all kinds of reckless transition shenanigans, Sydney delivered on all fronts.

Catch the crew skate France:


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