Seely Secures Best Finish of the Season at Arlington Supercross

Courtesy of Honda Racing Corporation

  Arlington Supercross

AMA Supercross 2017   Round 6

Seely Secures Best Finish of the Season at Arlington Supercross

Round 6 of the AMA Supercross series, in Arlington, Texas, saw Team Honda HRC’s Cole Seely secure his best finish of the season with a second-place podium result.

In the main event, Seely launched his CRF450R off the line to a good start, sneaking around the inside of the first turn to come out in second. On the following lap, the race was red flagged, forcing the riders to return to the gate for a restart. When the gate dropped for the second time, Seely was unable to replicate his initial start but still managed to come around the first turn in seventh. He continued his charge forward, moving into fourth on the opening lap. By lap eight, the Californian had made his way into second, which is where he would finish.


  • On Friday prior to the race, Team Honda HRC’s Cole Seely and Andrew Short, as well as GEICO Honda’s Jimmy Decotis, spent time signing autographs and visiting with fans at DFW Honda.
  • For the second consecutive week, it was an early morning for Team Honda HRC, as the Arlington Supercross marked the second daytime schedule of the season. With track walk at 7:30 a.m., instead of 10:30 a.m., many riders and crew arrived at the stadium before the sun had risen. To help kick off the day, hospitality driver Donnie Keys made the team breakfast before the day’s activates got underway.
  • The Arlington track showcased the fastest lap times seen this season with some riders dropping down into the 47-second mark. During qualifying practice, Seely notched the eighth-quickest lap time with a 48.061.
  • The evening started on a positive note with Seely transferring directly into the main event with a fourth in heat 1. Despite getting a bad jump out of the gate, Seely snuck to the inside, coming out of the first turn in seventh. He made his way into fifth, then with one lap remaining was able to close the gap and make the pass into fourth, scoring the final transfer spot.
  • It was another solid weekend for GEICO Honda’s Jimmy Decotis as he matched his career-best result of fourth, for the second consecutive week. After being sidelined for two weeks due to a concussion, Decotis’ teammate Jeremy Martin returned to action in Texas, finishing sixth for the night.
  • On February 18, Team Honda HRC will campaign round seven of the AMA Supercross championship, at the new U.S. Bank Stadium in Minneapolis, Minnesota. On the evening before the race, Cole Seely and Andrew Short, along with GEICO Honda’s East Cost riders will head to Cities Edge Motorsports for an autograph session beginning at 6 p.m.


THE FOCUS: With Ken Roczen sidelined after his injury at Anaheim 2, mechanic Oscar Wirdeman has spent the past few weekends at home with his family. However, this weekend he rejoined his team in Texas to provide some extra support throughout the day.

“It’s hard not being at the races. We had such a great start to the season so for it to end the way it did is a huge bummer,” explained Wirdeman. “It’s going to be a long road but Ken is young, strong and going to come back better than ever. Right now he is just stoked to be home for a little bit and able to sleep in his own bed. It’s been a long time for him. He’ll have to go back to Colorado for another surgery but from there hopefully it will just be going through the recovery process.”

“My main role today was to help Rich [Simmons] with anything he needed. I just tried to be his right-hand man when it came to getting the bike ready for the night show, prepping any parts he needed, carrying the cart back and forth between the stadium and pits. I’ll also help him rebuild his bike on Sunday.”


Cole Seely  14

Tonight was really about managing mistakes. I think we were all making small mistakes here and there but by managing them, I mean trying to make less each lap or to have them not affect you so much. The track was really sketchy and incredibly icy during the main so there was carnage everywhere out there. It was basically all about trying to stay calm and collected. Not only did the track break down a lot making it really tough but also lap times were short so in 20 minutes it really felt like we did so many laps. I’m happy with second and definitely don’t take these podiums for granted. So I am going to enjoy it, but really want to work towards that top spot.

Dan Betley

Team Manager

I’m really happy with second tonight. Cole rode well all day but I felt he did especially awesome in the main event. He got a really good jump out of the gate during the first start and was second, unfortunately, it was red flagged so I was a little stressed out about how he was going to fare the second time around. He didn’t get off the line as well the second start but by the third turn he came out in fourth. How he pulled that off, I am not sure so I’m going to have to look at the video for that one. What I really liked about him tonight was how aggressive he was throughout the first lap and specifically the first rhythm sections after the start. He was able to gain a position or two. He needs to continue to ride like that because points are tightening up as we go and it’s still really early in a championship.

Rich Simmons

Mechanic (Cole Seely)

It was a great day and I’m really excited to have Cole back up on the podium. We made some bike changes almost every time Cole went out on the track, specifically to the fork and shock. We just kept going in a certain direction and it worked out well. I think the bike looked really good tonight and Cole was happy. Unfortunate red flag in the first start because he was second but he did a good job regrouping for the second one and was still able to make his way up to the front quickly. He made a couple mistakes when he got into the lappers towards the end and at one point didn’t jump the triple, which allowed [Jason] Anderson to close up but instead of getting flustered and caving in he stayed focused and charged to the end. Cole is more than capable of being on the podium each week, he just needs to fight for it.

450SX Main Event Results

Pos. Rider Num Nation Points Team Time/Gap
1 Musquin Marvin 25 FRA 25 Red Bull KTM
2 Seely Cole 14 USA 22 Team Honda HRC
3 Anderson Jason 21 USA 20 Rockstar Husqvarna
4 Dungey Ryan 5 USA 18 Red Bull KTM
5 Wilson Dean 15 GBR 16 Rockstar Husqvarna
6 Tickle Broc 20 USA 15 RCH Soaring Eagle Jimmy Johns Suzuki Factory Racing
7 Weimer Jacob 12 USA 14 RCH Soaring Eagle Jimmy Johns Suzuki Factory Racing
8 Millsaps David 18 USA 13 Rocky Mountain ATV/MC KTM WPS
9 Bogle Justin 19 USA 12 RCH Racing
10 Stewart Malcolm 34 USA 11 GEICO Honda
11 Canard Trey 41 USA 10 Red Bull KTM
12 Friese Vince 45 USA 9 Smartop MotoConcepts Racing
13 Alessi Mike 800 USA 8 Smartop MotoConcepts Racing
14 Webb Cooper 2 USA 7 Monster Energy/360fly/Chaparral/Yamaha Factory Racing
15 Tomac Eli 3 USA 6 Monster Energy Kawasaki
16 Albertson Jimmy 77 USA 5 Jimmy Albertson Racing
17 Baggett Blake 4 USA 4 Rocky Mountain ATV/MC KTM WPS
18 Politelli Austin 981 USA 3 Old Town Construction/ TripTagger/ Yamaha
19 Reed Chad 22 AUS 2 Monster Energy/360fly/Chaparral/Yamaha Factory Racing
20 Ray Alex USA 1 Ki Speed/ Freeport Honda
21 Clason Cade 92 USA 1 K1 Speed/ BWR Engines
22 Brayton Justin 10 USA 1 Smartop MotoConcepts Racing

Rider Standings

Pos. Rider Num Nation Points Team
1 Dungey Ryan 5 USA 129 Red Bull KTM
2 Musquin Marvin 25 FRA 111 Red Bull KTM
3 Seely Cole 14 USA 107 Team Honda HRC
4 Tomac Eli 3 USA 100 Monster Energy Kawasaki
5 Anderson Jason 21 USA 85 Rockstar Husqvarna
6 Millsaps David 18 USA 83 Rocky Mountain ATV/MC KTM WPS
7 Webb Cooper 2 USA 76 Monster Energy/360fly/Chaparral/Yamaha Factory Racing
8 Reed Chad 22 AUS 64 Monster Energy/360fly/Chaparral/Yamaha Factory Racing
9 Wilson Dean 15 GBR 64 Rockstar Husqvarna
10 Tickle Broc 20 USA 55 RCH Soaring Eagle Jimmy Johns Suzuki Factory Racing
11 Roczen Ken 94 GER 51 Team Honda HRC
12 Baggett Blake 4 USA 51 Rocky Mountain ATV/MC KTM WPS
13 Grant Joshua 33 USA 46 Monster Energy Kawasaki
14 Weimer Jacob 12 USA 44 RCH Soaring Eagle Jimmy Johns Suzuki Factory Racing
15 Peick Weston 23 USA 43 JGR
16 Brayton Justin 10 USA 43 Smartop MotoConcepts Racing
17 Friese Vince 45 USA 36 Smartop MotoConcepts Racing
18 Bogle Justin 19 USA 33 RCH Racing
19 Stewart Malcolm 34 USA 25 GEICO Honda
20 Alessi Mike 800 USA 21 Smartop MotoConcepts Racing
21 Canard Trey 41 USA 11 Red Bull KTM
22 Schmidt Nicholas USA 11 Racing
23 Hahn Thomas 47 USA 11 Rock River Yamaha
24 Pourcel Christophe 377 FRA 10 Rockstar Husqvarna
25 Albertson Jimmy 77 USA 10 Jimmy Albertson Racing
26 Ray Alex USA 5 Ki Speed/ Freeport Honda
27 Clason Cade 92 USA 4 K1 Speed/ BWR Engines
28 Politelli Austin 981 USA 3 Old Town Construction/ TripTagger/ Yamaha
29 Noren Fredrik 40 SWE 2 TiLUBE Storm Lake Honda
30 Enticknap Adam 722 USA 2 The Privateer Journey


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