Rowing Coastal Championships Highlight Clips | Coastal rowers crown World Champions in front of Hong Kong’s skyline

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Coastal rowers crown their World Champions in front of Hong Kong’s stunning skyline


Rowing in front of skyscrapers in a busy harbor? The 2019 World Rowing Coastal Championships in Hong Kong were full of action! Raced on Hong Kong’s Victoria Harbor, right in the heart of the city, competitors had to contend with choppy and wavy conditions caused not only by the wind but also by the wash of passing ferries. This meant that rowers with the ability to handle rough water had the edge. The rowers also had six buoy turns around the first lap and back for the same on the second lap over the 6km course.

China was marked by Ukraine’s Diana Dymchenko winning the women’s solo for the third consecutive year. Not only that Dymchenko went on to race in the mixed double sculls and with partner Yuriy Ivanov, she took out her second gold for the championships.

Coastal rowers crown their World Champions | FISA World Rowing Coastal Championships 2019 – Hong Kong – Highlights from World of Freesports on Vimeo.

RESULTS – A-finals 2019 World Rowing Coastal Rowing Championships:

Boat class
CW1x (Coastal Women’s Single Sculls) Ukraine1 France1 Netherlands1
CW2x (Coastal Women’s Double Sculls) Russia1 France3 Hong Kong1
CW4x+ (Coastal Women’s Coxed Four) Hong Kong1 Russia1 Denmark1
CM1x (Coastal Men’s Single Sculls) Spain2 Germany1 Italy1
CM2x (Coastal Men’s Double Sculls) Spain1 Ukraine1 Monaco1
CM4x+ (Coastal Men’s Coxed Four) Italy2 Italy1 Spain2
CMix2x (Coastal Mixed Double Sculls) Ukraine1 Netherlands1 Spain2

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