Round 4 of the World Enduro Super Series 2018 – Romaniacs Epic Edition 15: South African youngster Wade Young claims overall victory at Romaniacs 2018

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World Enduro Super Series 2018 – 4. round – Romaniacs (ROM) | Wade Young (RSA) is 2018’s champion!

Wade Young (RSA) claims the title and is youngest winner in Romaniacs history, followed by Manuel Lettenbichler (GER) in 2nd place and Jonathan Walker (GBR) taking home 3rd place. Tensions were high as the riders lined up in the grassy meadows at the foot of the hills just outside Sibiu. Skies were favorable. On this final race day of the 2018 Red Bull Romaniacs – Manuel Lettenbichler rode the race of his life – blowing everything out of the water. It was similar to last year’s Offroad Day 4, which had earned him a fourth place in 2017.

Today he had started the day with a 4 mins disadvantage behind Wade Young in the overall race progress – with the ultimate win in his sights. And Manuel Lettenbichler delivered again, as he did throughout this entire race: He won the day and only missed the title by a mere two minutes, ending up with a second place on the podium! His absolutely best result so far.

Wade Young seemed to be holding back a little during the morning while Lettenbichler was charging out of the gates on fire. After the second to last checkpoint Young let it rip and charged forward, regaining time he had lost to Lettenbichler during the morning. His strategy appears to have been to conserve energy in the morning and then go for a final spurt, which granted him the title: the winner of the 2018 Red Bull Romaniacs – Epic Edition 15. In fact, he is now the youngest ever winner of the Red Bull Romaniacs. This level of competition to the second and to the minute has never been seen before. Despite the craziness of the race and the unbelievable level of strain riders and bikes have to go through, it again shows, how much the performance level in this sport has grown.

Red Bull Romaniacs, the toughest Hard-Enduro rallye on earth:

The Red Bull Romaniacs Extreme Enduro Rallye was created in 2004 by founder Martin Freinademetz. Over the past years it has evolved to the world`s toughest Hard Enduro Rallye. The Red Bull Romaniacs takes place every year and attracts competitors from about 50 countries. The race is spread over five days, the first being the inner-city prologue in front of thousands of enthusiastic fans. The four “Offroad race days” lead the competitors on some of the world`s most beautiful Enduro trails in the region around Sibiu, Romania (Southern Carpathian Mountains). The breathtaking wilderness, the Romanian hospitality and the unbelievable challenges make the 600km race an unforgettable, lifelong memory for all participants.


Final overall result Gold Class after Offroad Day #4:



Wade Young




Manuel Lettenbichler




Jonathan Walker




William Bolt




Alfredo Gomez




Paul Bolton




David Cyprian




Blake Gutzeit




Mario Roman




Philipp Scholz


  Check out the action highlights as day four of Red Bull Romaniacs 2018 kicks off in the Carpathian Mountains of Sibiu, Romania. Click


World Enduro Super Series schedule for 2018

–          round 1: Extreme XL Lagares (POR), 11. – 13. May

–          round 2: Erzbergrodeo Red Bull Hare Scramble (AUT), 31. Mai – 3. June

–          round 3: Trèfle Lozérien AMV (FRA), 8. – 10. June

–          round 4: Red Bull Romaniacs (ROM), 24. – 28. July

–          round 5: Red Bull 111 Megawatt (POL), 8. September

–          round 6: Gotland Grand National (SWE), 26. – 27. October

–          round 7: Red Bull Knock Out (NED), 10. November



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