Roger De Coster’s 1971 Factory FN71 Suzuki

Courtesy of Youthstream

Roger De Coster is without doubt one of the most iconic riders the world of motocross has ever seen; his dashingly handsome looks and effortless style on the bike won him an army of fans all over the world. He truly was a global superstar and if the truth were known, he still is to this day.

Roger first started riding a bike aged 17 and like most riders of that era the bike of choice was European; in Roger’s case it was a CZ and while he was relatively successful with the Czech brand with three 500cc GP wins in consecutive years ’68,’69 and ’70, it wasn’t until he switched to Suzuki that his star status began to shine. In his debut season with Suzuki in 1971, the Belgian raced to the first of his five world motocross titles, and his RN71 Suzuki that took him there is our feature bike in MXGP Mag this month.

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