Roczen Fifth Overall at Glen Helen National, Craig Injured

Courtesy of Honda Racing Corporation

  Glen Helen National

AMA Pro Motocross 2018   Round 2

Round two of the AMA Pro Motocross Championship took place at San Bernardino, California’s Glen Helen Raceway, where Team Honda HRC’s Ken Roczen scored an impressive fifth overall in only his second race back from injury, via 3-8 moto scores. Unfortunately, teammate Christian Craig was injured in the first 450MX moto, forcing him to withdraw from the race.

In moto one, Craig scored the holeshot aboard his CRF450R, with Roczen in tow. On the opening lap, Craig went down hard and was slow to remount. He was forced to withdraw from the race and sit out the remainder of the day with an injured left knee. With Craig down, Roczen moved into the lead, where he remained for over half of the 30-minute-plus-two-lap race. A small mistake allowed Eli Tomac to close the gap, but Roczen held tough, fighting hard to maintain the front spot. With 11 minutes remaining, the German was unable to fend off Tomac’s advances and relinquished the lead. During the final laps, Roczen came under fire once again, losing one more position before taking the checkered flag in third. When the gate dropped in moto two, Roczen came around the Talladega first turn in fourth and quickly moved into second, but when he heard a noise he decided to be cautious and roll to the mechanics’ area, where a rock was found wedged in his countershaft-sprocket cover. Once it was removed, Roczen returned to action in nearly dead-last position. He spent the remainder of the 14-lap race surging through the pack, putting together an impressive come-from-behind performance to finish the moto in eighth.



  • On Friday morning, Christian Craig arrived at Glen Helen Raceway early for a press appearance with KTLA Channel 5 News, the Los Angeles area’s top station. Craig was featured in three segments with reporter Erin Myers, including a learn-to-ride piece during which he showed her the general controls on a CRF125F before assisting her while she rode.
  • For the second consecutive week, the Honda Red Riders participated in press day, allowing Craig and Ken Roczen to ride a pair of 20-minute practice sessions. It was beneficial for both riders, as they used it for additional testing time prior to Saturday’s race.
  • During the Saturday morning qualifying practice period, Craig was sixth-fastest with a 2’40.45” time in the second session, while Roczen was eighth with a 2’42.22” lap.
  • In the 250MX class, GEICO Honda’s Jeremy Martin put together another solid performance aboard his CRF250R, riding to his second podium finish in two races, with 5-2 results. Teammate RJ Hampshire wrapped up the day in seventh overall with 8-9 marks, while Chase Sexton overcame mistakes to finish ninth with 10-8 scores.
  • Craig visited the doctor the day after his injury, where it was confirmed that he had torn his ACL and will require surgery.
  • Team Honda HRC will return to action on June 2 for round 3 of AMA Pro Motocross in Lakewood, Colorado, also known as the Thunder Valley National. On Friday, Team Honda HRC and the GEICO Honda squad will visit the newest local dealership, Peak Honda World, for an autograph session.

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Ken Roczen  94

“The result is one thing, but there are always certain things that are out of your hands, which is what happened in the second moto. Still, leading for over 20 minutes in the first moto was good, especially for only our third moto back. I tried not to be like ‘Oh my god, I’m leading’; I just tried to keep a steady and calm mood. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to hold Eli [Tomac] off, then Marvin [Musquin] got by me too. I tried to make a last-minute attack but got messed up by lappers, so I really just settled into third, which we were all happy with. The second moto, I got another good start but heard a noise and wasn’t ready to just send it over any of the big jumps when there might be a problem, so I went into the pit lane. It ended up that there was a rock in my front sprocket area, but better safe than sorry. After that I just went out and wanted to use this as good practice, and I kept telling myself, ‘Don’t quit.’ We made it all the way up to eighth place, which is pretty sweet. We’ve been working really hard, and it’s unfortunate because I think today we could’ve been on the podium. We have a lot of motos to go, so it’s coming. I’ve got to just keep building and I think we’ll get there.”

Christian Craig  32

“It didn’t go at all how I had hoped, obviously. I felt pretty good all day, qualifying sixth and getting the holeshot in the first moto. Halfway through the first lap, I went down pretty hard and instantly knew my knee was hurt. I’m just so bummed because this is the third year in a row that I’ve gotten hurt here and it’s frustrating. Rather than feel sorry for myself, I’m going to work on coming back stronger. Thank you to everyone for expressing concern, and huge thanks to the team for the opportunity this year!”

Erik Kehoe

Team Manager

“The goal for Ken is to get out there, get stronger, and get in a routine, so this weekend was awesome for him. The bad part was getting a rock stuck in the countershaft area during the second moto, but we got it handled and got him back out. He had a heck of a ride back to eighth, which put him fifth overall. We know Ken has the speed and he’s building his race fitness, so we just need to keep chipping away and building, which he’ll do. It’s a total bummer for Christian. He was riding so well and had a great pace going in the first moto, so it’s unfortunate to see him go down and get hurt.”

Oscar Wirdeman

Mechanic (Ken Roczen)

“Today was a big improvement from last week. Ken led over half the first moto and then slowed down a bit but still finished third, which was awesome. I honestly expected him to be a little tired for the second moto, but he got another great start and got into second, then heard a noise. He came into the mechanics’ area and we got him going. He was about a half a lap down, but he rode awesome, getting back to eighth. His fastest lap was actually one of the last few laps, which was great. Considering last week, where we went from the front to the back, it was nice doing the opposite and going from the back to the front.”

Rich Simmons

Mechanic (Cole Seely)

“Things started out good today. We tried some things on press day but we ended up going back to our original setting. It was just a little change in the rear but it was the same fork from last week and this morning Christian was happy. He was confident going into the first moto and got a good start—holeshot again—but unfortunately went down. It’s tough, but we’re all pulling for him.”

450MX Moto 1 Results

Pos. Rider Num Nation Points Team Time/Gap
1 Tomac Eli 3 USA 25 Monster Energy Kawasaki
2 Musquin Marvin 25 FRA 22 Red Bull KTM
3 Roczen Ken 94 GER 20 Team Honda HRC
4 Anderson Jason 21 USA 18 Rockstar Husqvarna
5 Baggett Blake 4 USA 16 Rocky Mountain ATV/MC KTM WPS
6 Barcia Justin 51 USA 15 Monster Energy/ Knick/ Factory Yamaha Team
7 Peick Weston 23 USA 14 Autotrader/ JGR/ Yoshimura/ Suzuki Factory Racing
8 Cunningham Kyle 39 USA 13 H.E.P Motorsports
9 Merriam Dylan 559 USA 12 None
10 Nicoletti Phillip 46 USA 11 Autotrader/ JGR/ Yoshimura/ Suzuki Factory Racing
11 Chisholm Kyle 11 USA 10 Chisholm Racing
12 Taft Bradley 53 USA 9 Cycle Trader Rock River Yamaha
13 Lamay Ben 907 USA 8 Racing
14 Scharer Brandon 154 USA 7 STR Yamaha
15 Tomita Toshiki 718 JPN 6 Team Honda HRC
16 Cooper Cody 121 NZL 5 Crownkiwi Enterprise
17 Lionnet Bradley 321 USA 4 None
18 Alldredge Christopher 876 USA 3 None
19 Ray Alex USA 2 Cycle Trader Rock River Yamaha
20 Autenrieth Cade 330 USA 1 Mountain Motorsports/Factory Connection/Hinson

450MX Moto 2 Results

Pos. Rider Num Nation Points Team Time/Gap
1 Tomac Eli 3 USA 25 Monster Energy Kawasaki
2 Anderson Jason 21 USA 22 Rockstar Husqvarna
3 Musquin Marvin 25 FRA 20 Red Bull KTM
4 Barcia Justin 51 USA 18 Monster Energy/ Knick/ Factory Yamaha Team
5 Peick Weston 23 USA 16 Autotrader/ JGR/ Yoshimura/ Suzuki Factory Racing
6 Blose Benny 934 USA 15 Bloss Racing
7 Nicoletti Phillip 46 USA 14 Autotrader/ JGR/ Yoshimura/ Suzuki Factory Racing
8 Roczen Ken 94 GER 13 Team Honda HRC
9 Baggett Blake 4 USA 12 Rocky Mountain ATV/MC KTM WPS
10 Cooper Cody 121 NZL 11 Crownkiwi Enterprise
11 Chisholm Kyle 11 USA 10 Chisholm Racing
12 Ray Alex USA 9 Cycle Trader Rock River Yamaha
13 Scharer Brandon 154 USA 8 STR Yamaha
14 Autenrieth Cade 330 USA 7 Mountain Motorsports/Factory Connection/Hinson
15 Tomita Toshiki 718 JPN 6 Team Honda HRC
16 DeMartile Dare 207 USA 5 None
17 Lamay Ben 907 USA 4 Racing
18 Taft Bradley 53 USA 3 Cycle Trader Rock River Yamaha
19 Lopez Felix 577 MEX 2 None
20 Pipes  Dustin USA 1 Racing


Rider Standings

Pos. Rider Num Nation Points Team
1 Tomac Eli 3 USA 100 Monster Energy Kawasaki
2 Musquin Marvin 25 FRA 86 Red Bull KTM
3 Anderson Jason 21 USA 73 Rockstar Husqvarna
4 Barcia Justin 51 USA 73 Monster Energy/ Knick/ Factory Yamaha Team
5 Baggett Blake 4 USA 60 Rocky Mountain ATV/MC KTM WPS
6 Peick Weston 23 USA 60 Autotrader/ JGR/ Yoshimura/ Suzuki Factory Racing
7 Roczen Ken 94 GER 53 Team Honda HRC
8 Nicoletti Phillip 46 USA 49 Autotrader/ JGR/ Yoshimura/ Suzuki Factory Racing
9 Blose Benny 934 USA 42 Bloss Racing
10 Chisholm Kyle 11 USA 39 Chisholm Racing
11 Taft Bradley 53 USA 33 Cycle Trader Rock River Yamaha
12 Cooper Cody 121 NZL 31 Crownkiwi Enterprise
13 Craig Christian 32 USA 26 Team Honda HRC
14 Merriam Dylan 559 USA 26 None
15 Cunningham Kyle 39 USA 21 H.E.P Motorsports
16 Lamay Ben 907 USA 20 Racing
17 Scharer Brandon 154 USA 18 STR Yamaha
18 Tomita Toshiki 718 JPN 16 Team Honda HRC
19 Masterpool Jake 146 USA 14 None
20 Ray Alex USA 11 Cycle Trader Rock River Yamaha
21 Autenrieth Cade 330 USA 10 Mountain Motorsports/Factory Connection/Hinson
22 DeMartile Dare 207 USA 8 None
23 Leith Brandon 388 USA 5 Team Leith
24 Lionnet Bradley 321 USA 4 None
25 Alldredge Christopher 876 USA 3 None
26 Lopez Felix 577 MEX 2 None
27 Pipes  Dustin USA 1 Racing

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