Rider Oehler gets run of decadent Grand Hotel de l’Europe

Courtesy of Red Bull Media Service Team

Austrian bikes around unique historic building in Bad Gastein.

Back in 2016, Austrian trials rider Tom Oehler got a unique chance to reel off tricks around the decadent, historic Grand Hotel de l’Europe in the Austrian resort of Bad Gastein.

Here is all you need to know:

– When Viktor Sedlacek founded the Grande Hotel de l’Europe more than a hundred years ago, he surely would have never imagined Oehler elegantly jumping over the reception desk while having his image taken by photographer Armin Walcher working with a Leica.

– The golden clock at the front door indicated the passing of every full hour and the chandelier in the entrance hall used to sparkle brightly along the aisle and, although these times are gone, entering the stunning building still leaves visitors speechless.

– Finding suitable obstacles in this unusual location and performing in the chilly temperatures of the old hotel were the biggest challenges Oehler had to face.

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