Red Bull Frozen Rush 2016 I Live Look Back

Courtesy of Red Bull Motorsports

Join us for this week’s edition of Live Look Back as we Replay the 2016 Edition of Red Bull Frozen Rush In 2014 the only off-road Pro 4 truck race on snow, Red Bull Frozen Rush, first premiered on the slopes of Maine’s Sunday River Ski Resort today we re visit the 2016 Edition when the world once again experienced motorsports innovation at it’s best. Temperatures drop to below freezing and the normally warm weather 900-horsepower engines and their drivers battle the elements to capture the coveted first place crown. Watch the all previous edition on Red Bull TV, and tune into Red Bull Motorsports when we for the full replay of Red Bull Frozen Rush Saturday 4th April 2020 at 1400 CEST. #redbullfrozenrush #frozenrush #trophytruck

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