Red Bull Dolomitenmann 2018 Action Clip

Courtesy of Simone van Slingerland – eye|sprint communication

Team Kolland Topsport Professional Wins Red Bull Dolomitenmann 2018


Team Kolland Topsport Professional has won the 31st edition of Red Bull Dolomitenmann at Lienz, Austria, today. In a thrilling duel, mountain runner Joseph Gray (USA), paraglider Chrigel Maurer (SUI), mountain biker Daniel Geismayr (AUT), and kayaker Lukas Kubrican (CZE) took victory in a new record time of 04:06 : 46 hours ahead of Team Pure  Encapsulations and the quartet of Red Bull.

The mastermind and inventor of Red Bull Dolomitenmann, Werner Grissmann, opened the 31st edition of the world’s
hardest team competition at 10 a.m. today. Carried by the thunderous applause of thousands of fans, the 124 mountain runners sprinted across the starting line at the main square of Lienz. Athletes such as mountain running world champion Joseph Gray had to overcome 12 kilometres in distance and 2,000 metres of elevation gain. In addition, many sport celebrities took part again, including snowboard world champion Benjamin Karl (AUT) and former world – class biathlete Christoph Sumann (AUT) who started for the Wings for Life Team.

Joseph Gray from Team Kolland Topsport Professional dominated the race from start to finish. The US – American  handed the baton over to his team mate after a total running time of 1:22 : 20.3 hours. Young star Anton Palzer (GER) of Team Red Bull was followed closely on his heels.

Just as Gray, paraglider Chrigel Maurer (SUI) from Team Kolland Topsport Professional also performed in a class of his own, staying in the lead at the stopover at Moosalm (01:36:18.5 hours) and at the Dolomite Stadium (01:52:27.7 hours).
Last year’s winner Aaron Durogati (ITA) from Team Pure Encapsulations managed to overtake Lukas Rifesser (ITA),
who had started in front of him, on the first flight minutes. With a flying time of 00:29:14,5 hours, Durogati handed over to his mountain biker and once again secured the single victory at the paragliders’.

Daniel Geismayr managed the triple: after taking the baton from the leading paraglider, he handed it over to his kayaker also as the leader. He took the single victory at the mountain bikers’ with a winning time of 01:37:35,0 and also took the  overall victory.
For the first time in the history of Red Bull Dolomitenmann, a team managed to win three of the four individual disciplines.
Just as Geismayr and Gray, their kayaker, Lukas Kubrican, also managed to win his discipline in 00:36:44.1 hours.

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