Red Bull Der Lange Weg / A Record Across The Alps / From Vienna To Nice In 36 Days

Courtesy of Simone Felsberger / eye|sprint communication

The whole crew and athletes at the beach of Nice during Red Bull Der Lange Weg near Nizza, France on April 22, 2018 –
Photographer Credit:
Christian Gamsjäger / Red Bull Content Pool

This is a tremendous effort: Bernhard Hug (SUI), Philipp Reiter (GER), David Wallmann (AUT) as well as Janelle and Mark Smiley (USA) arrived in Nice, France. In a record time of just 36 days, the five athletes completed their crossing of the main ridge of the Alps from Vienna to Nice. At Red Bull Der Lange Weg, the world’s longest ski tour, they covered 1721 kilometres in distance and 89.644 metres of cumulative elevation gain on skis and on foot. Altogether, they were on the move for 375 hours.

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