Red Bull Art Of Motion / Moroccan Alaoui wins first Italian edition of Red Bull Art Of Motion

Courtesy of Red Bull Media Service Team

Matera’s UNESCO neighborhood hosts global freerunning competition.

Red Bull Art Of Motion 2019 showcased extraordinary freerunning performances in the ancient city of Matera this Saturday. Here is all you need to know:

– Supported by the municipality of Matera in southern Italy, the event took place in an area with over 9000 years of history.

– Participants were judged based on five criteria: difficulty, execution, flow, creativity and overall impression.

– In the men’s category, Didi Alaoui from Morocco prevailed with the score of 428, followed by British athlete Edward Scott and Dimitris Kyrsanidis from Greece.

– American Sydney Olson triumphed in the women’s category in Matera, with Aleksandra Shevchenko from Russia second and Silke Sollfrank from Germany third.

– “I worked so hard for this,” said Alaoui. “I’ve sacrificed so much, I wanted this so bad. This is for my family, for Morocco, for my team, for everyone here.”

The full competition is available to watch on demand on Red Bull TV HERE.

Men’s final standings
1. Didi Alaoui (Morocco) – 428 points
2. Edward Scott (England) – 421 points
3. Dimitris Kyrsanidis (Greece) – 413 points

Women’s final standings
1. Sydney Olson (USA) – 353 points
2. Aleksandra Shevchenko (Russia) – 320 points
3. Silke Sollfrank (Germany) – 313 points

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