Real Skifi Episode 13

Courtesy of EPIC TV

Real Skifi Episode 13

Deepest skiing of the season.

Real Skifi is a title under which a Finnish group of boys have produced ski videos since 2011. The crew is best known for its series of episodes showcasing urban skiing. To this day these episodes have been viewed altogether over three million times. Take a look at the latest episode below.

In late 2010 four teenage boys started filming urban skiing in the streets of their hometown Jyvaskyla. At the time the boys had no greater plans or goals for these film shoots. However, as months rolled by many ideas were born. In February 2011 the boys put together a video and the first ever episode of Real Skifi was released. The freeski world greeted the video with positive feedback and so the boys went on hungrier than ever. Since then sponsors, speed-giving devices, lights, friends, fans, trips and more have helped the boys create a name for themselves.

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