PRIVATE DH Tracks on the Oregon Coast w/ Kyle Jameson and Damon Iwanaga

Courtesy of SCOTT Sports

Before everything was turned upside down and our lives went into lockdown, Kyle Jameson, Damon Iwanaga, and Christian Rigal made a break for the loamy forests of the Oregon coast. They spent a weekend cutting trail, riding, shooting, and laughing way too much.

Even though things are not back to normal yet, this video has us heading out the door to ride the local loops while daydreaming of road trips to new zones and nailing the perfect corner as we chase our friends down the tail.

This would not be possible without the generous support of Josh and Aric Venti who own the beautiful land and hosted the guys during the trip.

Video: Christian Rigal
Song: Mind Field
Artist: Flaural
Album: Over Imaginary Cigarettes- EP

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