Polish icon Bartosz Zmarzlik zooms to third FIM Speedway Grand Prix win of 2019 in Vojens

Courtesy of FIM Speedway Grand Prix


Polish ace Bartosz Zmarzlik stormed into a nine-point FIM Speedway Grand Prix World Championship lead at the Danish SGP sponsored by ECCO, but says he won’t be looking at the standings until after the decider in Torun.

The world No.2 won his third SGP of 2019 at Vojens Speedway Center after getting the better of Matej Zagar, Fredrik Lindgren and Emil Sayfutdinov in the final, ending the night on 18 points.

Having started the meeting level on 85 with Leon Madsen, Zmarzlik surged on to 103 and is nine points ahead of Sayfutdinov in second, who has 94, with Madsen third on 92 after falling short of the semi-finals on seven points.

Zmarzlik has now given himself a golden opportunity to become Poland’s third world champion, following in the tyre treads of 1973 winner Jerzy Szczakiel and 2010 SGP champion Tomasz Gollob.

But the Gorzow hero won’t be paying any attention to the World Championship standings until after the next two rounds in Cardiff on September 21 and Torun on October 5.

He said: “I am not looking at the table. I am only focused on myself. I will see the table after the last heat in Torun.

“It feels very nice to win this GP. This feels unbelievable because after my first heat I didn’t feel so fast.

“I didn’t feel the best. I knew I could do better and in the GP, every point is so very important. I scored 18 points today, so that’s not bad.

“I had different setups for the semi-final and final. It was good work from all my team to get there and I have to say thank you very much to them. Now I am looking forward to Cardiff.”

Zmarzlik topped the podium at last year’s Adrian Flux British SGP and can’t wait for the 2019 edition in two weeks as speedway prepares to take over Cardiff’s iconic Principality Stadium once again.

He said: “I have good memories of Cardiff. I won there last season, but every year is different and I am focused on this one.

“I like the big stadium and all the fans. I will see them soon!”

Vojens runner-up Zagar is delighted with the progress he has made across an astonishing fortnight.

He booked his place in SGP 2020 with victory at the GP Challenge in Gorican on August 24. The Slovenian then finished third at the Aztorin German SGP in Teterow last Saturday.

After storming to second in Denmark, he’s pleased to see his hard work paying dividends. He said: “Step by step, we have made progress. Success doesn’t come from nothing and we have been working really hard.

“It’s not an easy job and you need to put everything you have into it. I am happy I have made progress.”

Third-placed Lindgren was happy to keep himself firmly in the medal hunt, scoring 15 points to retain fourth place in the World Championship.

He is now just five points short of Madsen in third and closing rapidly on the rostrum places.

The Swede said: “It was a very good result. I felt consistent. I was making good decisions in the first turn and riding smoothly. I was comfortable with my bike tonight and that certainly helps.

“A lot of the top boys scored a lot of points, so it was very important for me to hang in there in the medal hunt.”

WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP STANDINGS: 1 Bartosz Zmarzlik 103, 2 Emil Sayfutdinov 94, 3 Leon Madsen 92, 4 Fredrik Lindgren 87, 5 Martin Vaculik 79, 6 Maciej Janowski 73, 7 Patryk Dudek 72, 8 Matej Zagar 65, 9 Artem Laguta 63, 10 Niels-Kristian Iversen 61, 11 Jason Doyle 60, 12 Janusz Kolodziej 50, 13 Antonio Lindback 47, 14 Tai Woffinden 46, 15 Max Fricke 36, 16 Robert Lambert 31, 17 Mikkel Michelsen 15, 18 Bartosz Smektala 10, 19 Oliver Berntzon 7, 20 Vaclav Milik 4, 21 Maksym Drabik 4, 22 Matic Ivacic 2, 23 Jacob Thorssell 2, 24 Martin Smolinski 1.

DANISH SGP SPONSORED BY ECCO SCORES: 1 Bartosz Zmarzlik 18, 2 Matej Zagar 13, 3 Fredrik Lindgren 15, 4 Emil Sayfutdinov 16, 5 Jason Doyle 12, 6 Tai Woffinden 11, 7 Antonio Lindback 9, 8 Martin Vaculik 7, 9 Niels-Kristian Iversen 7, 10 Leon Madsen 7, 11 Mikkel Michelsen 6, 12 Maciej Janowski 6, 13 Artem Laguta 5, 14 Patryk Dudek 3, 15 Robert Lambert 3, 16 Janusz Kolodziej 0, 17 Michael Jepsen Jensen DNR, 18 Anders Thomsen DNR.

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